Tuesday Afternoon Links

If you’re having a hard time making it through your Tuesday, here are a few good reads to help you out. Enjoy.

John Daly is now an underwear model.  Yes, that John Daly, and yes, I said underwear. Good for you John.

Elijah Fields, COME ON MAN! I know that kids make bad decisions. I made plenty, you made plenty, we all made plenty. But there is a big difference in a bad decision and being stupid. Elijah Fields is stupid. No bones about it.

Speaking of stupid.

But this is just a bad decision. But Tony’s right. And the WWL needs to loosen up. Here’s what Tony said to get his wrist slapped.

Our friend in the corn patch  offers up his favorite Winter Olympic moments. I have a theory on the Olympics: You either love them or hate them. I don’t think there’s any middle ground here. Especially Winter Olympics. Me, I love them. I’ve watched at least some coverage every night. Everything from downhill moguls to curling, I love it. I don’t do ice dancing, but everything else is good stuff. But I have very good friends who will not watch the Olympics. And of all the folks I’ve asked, I haven’t heard a single response falling in the “middle ground” area. So, there’s my opinion of the day.

Finally, the USC saga is in waiting mode now, after 3 long days of meetings and hearings. This really is a big deal. Sometimes in the SEC, we like to look down on the rest of the programs around the nation. For the most part, in regards to football, we have a right to do so. But USC is legitimately on the top of the pack, so any news that comes from this story is big news. Were it not for Lane Kiffin being there, I’d secretly be pulling for them. But now I hope they get hit hard. Yeah, I dislike the Laner that much.

Have a good afternoon.


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