Meyer to Retire

No, not that Meyer. Another Meyer for whom I have much more respect.

Don Meyer, the all-time wins leader in NCAA basketball, is retiring this year. I first heard of Don Meyer about a year ago when he was honored at the ESPY’s with the Jimmy V Perseverence Award. I’ve given to the Jimmy V Foundation for several years now and follow the organization fairly closely. Coach Meyer was a well-deserved candidate to win the award.

Coach Meyer has been battling carcinoid cancer. He also almost lost his entire left leg in an accident in 2008. Unlike the “other Meyer”, he didn’t complain about the stress of the job though. He continued to plug along at the ripe age of 65. But now he’s ready to call it quits.

I hate to use this post as a means to dig at Urban, fearful that it may diminish my respect for what Don Meyer has done over the course of his career. However, a chance to honor one man while criticizing a Gator usually seems fitting, so I am taking the opportunity. One Meyer has battled cancer and coached in a wheelchair, while the other is fatigued at 45 and is holding the college football world in limbo. Two ends of the spectrum, wouldn’t you say?

Coach Don Meyer really does have a great story. Research him sometime if you get the chance. He’s been a true hero to the sport and an inspiration to many. Happy retirement, Coach.


1 Response to “Meyer to Retire”

  1. 1 Fitzdawg February 22, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Thanks for this. Coach Meyer made my Alma Mater, known as David Lipscomb College at the time, a two sport school. What he was able to do for the basketball program there reminds me a lot of what Coach Fox has done at UGA this year. He is a great coach and a great man. BTW, the other sport we did pretty well in was baseball and Dawg fans will be more familiar with the school’s current name, Lipscomb University, the team we lost to, and later came back to beat out in the 2008 NCAA Regional.

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