Coach Richt: Shake Your Moneymaker

College athletics is big business.  For most schools not named Duke, Syracuse or UConn, the major moneymaker is the football program. 

Mr. SEC said that Coach Richt shouldn’t be considered on the hotseat because of the value of the football team and the fact the program is still making money. 

When my sister and brother-in-law first got alumni season tickets and donated to the Hartman Fund, it was prior to the 2001 season and Coach Richt’s first year.  The like to say they came in with Coach Richt. 

The initial donation to get tickets when they joined was $1,000.  Now, it will probably be in the neighborhood of $4,500. 

Not only is the sustained amount impressive from one year to the next , but a 450% increase over his tenure is equally impressive.  We are in the midst of a terrible economy and a terrible product in 2009.  This shows me something. 

It shows me the ones who are screaming that Coach Richt needs to leave town probably aren’t the same ones writing a check every February. 


Go Dawgs!

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