Tuesday Links

Happy Tuesday folks. It’s another cold one, but the weatherman tells us that warmer  weather is on the way. On to some links…

In case you missed it, the North Clayton LB has jumped on board. I think he’s going to be a beast in the  3-4. And I like getting recruits to commit early on.

Logan Gray really thinks that he can win the QB battle. This will be an interesting spring/summer competition to watch. And if Logan does win the position, that wouldn’t be all bad, would it?

We did a little series on Nick Marshall and what’s going on down in Wilcox County a few weeks ago. UGA did itself a favor and signed Marshall’s favorite target, WR Lonnie Outlaw on signing day. Now the AJC has a nice little writeup about Nick and the schools lining up for him. Even if we don’t get Marshall, I think the  Outlaw signing was huge for UGA. He’ll be a player in a few years. If Nick joins, then that’s gravy.

Florida players don’t only beat up on opponents. I wonder what type of penalty Gary Brown will suffer after beating up two woman. Maybe sit out a half in the first game, a quarter for each woman? In other news from Florida, they’ve got a new DC.

Last week, we mentioned the absurd possibility of Texas going to the Big 10. Now, one man says the Pac 10 MUST get Texas to play ball with them. Is Texas really that easy of a pickup for these conferences? There must be something going on that I don’t know about, but I would have sworn Texas was cemented in the Big 12.

Here’s a fun quiz for you: IKEA product or Swedish olympian?

The University of Alberta recently tried to set the world record for the largest dodgeball game. That’s a bunch of dodgeballs.

And finally, this is one of the best “fan letters” I have ever seen. With fans like this guy, who needs friends?

We’re scattered about the state and country today, so that’s probably it for us. Poor corbindawg is living the high life in San Antonio right now, so think about him while the rest of us work. Enjoy your Tuesday.



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