One of Our Own Awarded

I make it no secret that when I talk about the Dawgs, or the Braves, or the Falcons, or even the Hawks, it’s a “we” thing. When talking about the Masters, I say they’re coming to see “us”. With the Olympics, I take ownership of the American athletes. It’s just something that I do. It has been debated many times over why this is. Those with differing opinions declare that  it’s silly to say “We” when I’m not on the team, or in the front office, or in any way affiliated except as a fan. If I say “We beat the Cubs”, it wasn’t we, it was the Braves. Or “We need a new defensive coordinator” they say it’s not we, it’s UGA. But that’s not me. I feel like I am an integral part of it. I take part ownership. And that’s how I feel it should be. When Hannah Kearney was flying down the moguls course last night, it was America winning the gold. Sure, it was her hard work, determination, vision, and supreme athletic ability that won it for us, but I still felt the victory when she looked up and saw that she had won. And my way of thinking won’t be changed on this, so don’t even try.

Someone much wiser explained this phenomona to me once. He said that it’s kinda like mosquitos, gnats, and rattlesnakes. If you can’t kill it, run it out, or just get rid of it, then you may as well embrace it. We’ve all experienced heartache with the Dawgs, Falcons, Braves and Hawks over the years. Lots of heartache. But even in the down times, I listen to or watch over 150 Braves games a year. I’m not sure I’ve missed a UGA game in my lifetime. If I have, it was because I was too young to know. But even then, I don’t think I missed one, either in person, on radio, or by television. I don’t follow the Falcons or Hawks as much, but you can bet that when I talk about them, it’s still a “we” thing. Sure, the Falcons have never made it to the playoffs in back-to-back years, and we all know how terrible the Hawks franchise has been throughout the course of their history. But they’re still “our” teams. And we root for them every time they play.

I say that to say this: One of our own, Mr. David Hale, recieved a pretty cool award this weekend. It’s called the Bloodshot Eyeball Award, and it’s presented by Eye on Sports Media. I am putting this out there because he is too humble to make much out of it himself. He finished up his Sunday links with a short little blurb about it, and even then tried to defer credit. So I will do my part to make sure he is properly congratulated, even if I’m not real sure what the award is. I also put it out there because it’s one of “ours” who got the award. Not some hillbilly from Tennessee or yankee from Florida, but a Dawg! Yes, David, you are a Dawg. Even though you still claim Syracuse ties, we claim you as one of us.

David really does set the bar when it comes to UGA football information. Not only is he the best source with the most information, but he’s sure to be accurate and truthful. He isn’t one of these bloggers like myself who passes on information they may have heard at the coffee shop or on a message board. He gives it to us straight. And he’s timely. And honest. And smart. We as Dawg fans are lucky to have him as a resource.

Now I don’t know David Hale personally, but I feel like I do from reading so much of his material. I’m not doing this because he’s a friend, or even an acquaintance. David wouldn’t know me if I walked into his office tomorrow morning. I’m doing this because, of all the jourlalists and bloggers out there, professional or not, he raises the standard. We probably quote David Hale more than we do anyone else combined. Further, he understands things. He understands football and the politics behind it. He understands that the newspaper industry is suffering and that he has to be innovative and creative to be successful. He just gets “it.” Throughout the whole DC search mess, he was one of the few who kept it real. Same thing throughout this past season, where we really struggled as Bulldog Nation. I could go on, but I don’t think I need to. You already know all of this. It’s a shame there aren’t more DH’s out there.

Thanks David, we really appreciate it. Keep up the hard work. And keep bringing us the goods, as you so often do.

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1 Response to “One of Our Own Awarded”

  1. 1 dawgfan17 February 14, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    Great post. I agree Hale is an awesome writer and hopefully he will stick around for awhile. His blog an articles are the first thing I read every night at work once I get a free minute. Congrats on the award David.

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