More on Rural South Georgia Recruiting

Earlier in the week I talked a little bit about recruiting and the process for kids from rural Georgia towns, specifically Nick Marshall. I had some insight shared with me from the Superintendent of Schools in Wilcox County about the daily activities of Nick and his family. He also shared with me about some of the visits that have been made by different coaches. If you missed the article, you can find it here.

That said, I got a text message this morning saying that Saban and Kirby were going to be at Wilcox County High to visit with Nick. A little while later, I received the picture that you see at the top.

I won’t reiterate all that was said earlier in the week, but it really is interesting to sit back and think about the life of Nick Marshall from rural Rochelle, Georgia. Right now, Nick is wrapping up a conversation with the man who is lauded as the best coach in college football. Tonight he’ll again be talking with our own Coach Richt, widely regarded as a Top 10 coach in the nation. I bet it’s a lot more fun than 11th Grade Trig.

Finally, as a reminder, Nick and his Wilcox County Patriots are traveling to Hawkinsville High tonight to take on the Red Devils in basketball. CMR and CMB are going to be in attendance. So will I. If you’re in the midstate, it’s probably worth checking out.


The game tonight was great.  We’ll give a better write up later.  Coach Richt says hello.


3 Responses to “More on Rural South Georgia Recruiting”

  1. 1 BigMuddyDawg January 31, 2010 at 6:19 am

    I have found this series of articles concerning recruiting and small, rural towns quite intriguing and very much look forward to you articles offering the various perspectives of those involved. Thanks very much in advance.

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