Thursday Links

Hope you enjoyed our Second Edition of the weekly BBQ feature. On to some links to help get the day going:

Four star prospect out of Florida has narrowed it down to UGA and FSU.

While on recruiting, our coaches are making the rounds during the final push.

Good read from the R&B about CRG coaching the D-line.

This is one story that I don’t mind dragging on. More from the Leach debacle.

Sure you have, Timmy.

Kurt Warner finally hanging it up. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a BF saga.

Recruiting challenges at Notre Dame? Say it ain’t so!

Keep your day job, Coach.

Mid-majors can kick and scream, but they still get some big bucks.

The Laner is making another move, to another dream job. (Comedy)

Finally, here’s a fun test to see if you can tell the difference between a place kicker and a quarterback.

Have a great Thursday folks.

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