Still Don’t Understand

Da’Rick Rogers and his QB Nash Nance spent the weekend in Knoxville, and apparently had a good time. A good enough time, in fact, that they are both weighing their options on where to spend their college days.

Obviously there is something going on here that I’m missing, but I just don’t see what Rogers would see in UT. Yes, to me Athens, GA is the closest thing to the Promised Land this side of the Pearly Gates. Not to mention a stable program, great facilities, a HC that is one of the most respected in the nation, and a promising future. UT, on the other hand, well I don’t have to go there.

This actually makes me ill to an extent. Sure, not everyone is an AJ type player who decides early and never wavers. I know it’s a big decision for an 18 year old to make. I know that he’s getting pulled in several directions and people are making promises to this kid left and right.

If it was Bama, Florida, or even Auburn I would probably understand. But the mess that has been the University of Tennessee makes me question the kids judgment. I hate to be harsh, but come on! Is a Mike Hamilton/Derek Dooley run program really that appealing to one of the most highly rated recruits in the country?


3 Responses to “Still Don’t Understand”

  1. 1 stoopid January 25, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    I saw on AJC someone posted a link to Da’ricks Facebook profile and its a picture of him in a UGA jersey, in the lockerroom and it shows that he is UGA class of ’13… looked pretty solid to me…

  2. 2 Rum-Dawg Millionaire January 25, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    I just don’t see him going to UT. There isn’t even a quarterback there to throw to him. Plus Athens > Knoxville, and that isn’t just being biased.

  3. 3 HamDawg11 January 25, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    The kid’s just having some fun, getting courted by all the big boys, padding his ego a bit. Oh yeah, he gets excused absences on for 3 big time visits, so don’t be surprised to see him in Gainesville soon.

    It’s a dangerous game to play, and I can’t say it won’t have an affect on the kid, but right now he seems like a solid UGA commit.

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