Gators Wear Jean Shorts……

….and like little boys. (Ok, I know I shouldn’t say that, I just couldn’t resist the jab.) My pastor actually talked about the relationship between Georgia/Florida fans last night and the feelings toward each of the institutions. He was referring mainly to Tebow and the great example he is, etc. etc. I actually talked about that same relationship a few months back. But I digress…

Ok, Tennessee, you get a slight break. Here’s a shot at Florida. Again, how many times must we acknowledge how great it is to be led by folks such as Damon and Richt and to have had wonderful personalities such as the great Larry Munson be the face of our program? Ok, just don’t mention Jeff Dantzler. But besides him, aren’t we blessed? If you really put things into perspective, we don’t have that much to complain about.

On a serious note, this is disgusting in every way imaginable and he deserved to be fired. It’s a messed up individual who enjoys these things. I wish even for the Florida fanbase and alumni that this hadn’t happened, and I never  rarely wish for anything but the worst for them. File this one under “just plain wrong”. Wonder what Lewis would say.


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