Wednesday Morning Links

Yesterday got away from us a little, so we had little to offer besides a few morning links. Today promises to be better. Speaking of better, how about this nice weather!

On to some links to get you started this morning:

UGA is paying CTG the big bucks, but he’d better not leave! Unless, of course, he restores our D to dominance and UT comes after him after the Dooley experience. Or the Chan Gailey thing doesn’t work out in Buffalo.

Tim Lincecum led me to a dominating win in fantasy baseball last year. He’s also the best pitcher in the bigs (yes, corbindawg, even better than your daddy Roy). He’s also asking for the largest arbitration ever.

I know, I’m straying from the main reason you’re here, which is football, but we do need to continue to remember the folks in Haiti. I encourage you to give. Even $10 can make a big difference. Need another reason? Here’s one.

Runaway Lane.

Nothing like home grown talent.

Here’s Greenie’s blunder from Monday. Take a few moments to read some of the comments. Almost like reading the comments in the AJC. With some notheastern and midwestern influence. How, exactly, is ESPN a racist organization? Does anyone promote civil rights more than the WWL? MLK was mentioned at least 500 times Monday. When Steven A. Smith is allowed to be on your program regularly, that should officially remove all doubt as to whether this is a racist organization.  Come on, people.

And finally, a little humor to help get your morning started. Nothing like a good rant.

Short list this morning, but Lewis Grizzard Wednesday in on the menu, so that should help get you through the morning.


1 Response to “Wednesday Morning Links”

  1. 1 Corbindawg January 20, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Doc Halladay will have a better season this year than your boy Timmy (and I use that term loosely here).

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