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Please do Something with With Dr. Lou

I don’t have anything very insightful to add to the Urban Meyer saga. I do, however, know that if I have to listen to Lou Holtz talk about this for one more second that I may find a new hobby. (Or I may crawl through my televesion set and grab his little chicken neck in a vice grip). Urban is bad, but Lou talking about Urban is worse. I’d rather have Urban coach at UF for the next 20 years if it meant Dr. Lou getting off the air.


Making History

In yesterday’s matchup of Ohio and Marshall in the Little Caesar Bowl, history was made. A female donned the zebra outfit for the first time ever in a bowl game, serving as a line judge.

I have mixed emotions about this. Don’t call me sexist, I’m not saying that women have their places and men have theirs. My concern would be safety.

This lady appeared to be petite. I couldn’t imagine what little contact it would take to knock her down and potentially cause great harm to her. I would hate to see anyone get hurt, and I would hate to see this mother of 2 suffer a life-changing injury.  

I actually bet that she’s a great referee and knows as much about the game as anyone. I am proud for her that she has realized a dream of hers. But I was also fearful for her the entire game. She spent the game on the Marshall sideline, and from everything I read did a great job.

These are big dudes running around out there and women are just more fragile than men. That’s not new science, it’s just the truth. ESPN says she is actually on the prospective list for NFL referees. Maybe I have a shaded view on this, and maybe I’m being over-cautious. But one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want my fiancée trying to referee a football game.

That said, congratulations Sarah Thomas, you’ve made history and did a fine job while doing it.


More on Meyer

First things first, kudos to ucheedawg’s mom. She was the first to let several of us know about Meyer stepping down. I actually thought she was telling a joke and was waiting for the punchline. But she was the first of several calls. I would venture that about 50-60 thousand Dawg fans made phone calls within a 5 minute time frame.

Understatement of the holidays, this comes as a major shock. The repercussions of this are bound to be huge. I’ve called Urban Meyer every name in the book, but I wish him the best in the coming days. I can’t imagine how tough this is for him. Good luck, Coach.

The biggest question now will be “Who will go to Gainesville?” If you thought the UGA DC rumor mill was crazy, just wait. GSB already has a list up of potential candidates. Some of those names are valid. Jon Gruden was the first that came to my mind, but who knows. One thing is certain, there will be some big shoes to fill.

These are perilous times for UF, if there is such a thing. TT is leaving, Charlie Strong has gone (for the time being), and now the best coach in college football has stepped down. The timing is great for us, as we are right in the middle of recruiting season and most of the bigger coaching names have been nabbed already. Florida will be left with essentially a skeleton coaching staff to handle things for at least the near future.

This will only get more interesting, so stay tuned. Everybody will have an opinion, so there will be plenty to read on our week back from Christmas. Not much more to add at this point. If you have the need to hear about this non-stop, tune in to ESPN. They might mention it tonight.


Meyer Update

Let’s all be honest here, if you have made your way to the Grit Tree you have read all the latest WWL rant and message board nonsense. If not please see,

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of our loyal readers and your families a very Merry Christmas today! As we celebrate this day with our families, let us remember the true reason for the season, that Jesus Christ was born so we may live. As Lewis once said, “God, please bless my friends and those not as fortunate as I.”

Merry Christmas,

The Grit Tree

Merry Christmas From The Family

Merry Christmas!

Braves Trade Vazquez

The Atlanta Braves traded star pitcher Javier Vazquez to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera. 

Though his win-loss record does not do him justice, Vazquez turned in an All-Star worthy performance in 2009.  He ranked second in the NL in strikeouts and sixth in ERA. 

I understand that his move opens up money from Vazquez’s salary.  Vazquez was the best pitcher on the staff last year.  J.J. was 1B.  If the Braves could have scored some runs, Vazquez could have a been a legitimate Cy Young candidate.   Derek Lowe was the third best pitcher on the staff last year, and you are going to bring him back after you open tried to trade him and he publicly expressed his frustrations.  That is really good for the locker room chemistry.   

This trade does nothing to cure the Braves’ biggest woe:  a big time bat.  You need an outfielder with power.  Instead you waste a roster spot on an outfielder who provides you no power and a marginal batting average, at the same time sending out an outstanding power pitcher.  Do you really think the Braves, who I think uses fellow Atlantian Clark Howard  as their financial advisor, are going to go out and spend a bunch of money to bring in the kind of bat the offense needs?  The answer is no.  Two words:  Mark. Teixiera. 

Let’s play a game.  Look at these two player’s stats from 2009:

    AVG         HR               RBI         OBP     SLUG
PLAYER A 0.274 13 68 0.336 0.416
PLAYER B 0.280 15 76 0.309 0.423


Look at the stats and tell me which one you would rather have.  PLAYER A is new Brave Melky Cabrera.  PLAYER B is former Brave Jeff Francoeur.  I honked the horn in celebration when I was driving down the road last summer when I heard we finally traded Jeff ” Whiner” Francoeur.  Yet we acquire a player who is no better at the same time send off one of the best pitchers in the NL.

I had hope at the end of this past season, going into this season.  Frank Wren showed he was prepared to make the tough decisions (Glavine, Smoltz) and make agressive moves (LaRoche).  I was confident that the Braves management was going to take the neccessary steps to put a winner on the field.  If this is the kind of crap they are going to do, I am not so sure anymore. 


Go Dawgs!

Chip Caray Back Calling Braves Games

It wasn’t long until the Braves found a replacement for Jon “Boog” Sciambi and Chip Caray was back in the organization. 

I am neutral on this news. 

I like Sciambi, and I enjoyed his delivery.  I didn’t really like Sciambi and Simpson’s banter during games.  I know there is a lot of dead time to fill, but sometimes they would just talk about stupid stuff.  Some of the crap was sponsor related (what Braves player has X artist on their Verizion Wireless phone?) and and they had to.

I was also never a fan of Chip, either.  In my opinion, his last name Caray has gotten him a long way. 

Thank goodness we still have Don Sutton.

Hershel Should Come (back) to UGA

Abilene won the Texas high school football Class 5A Division II Championship Game Saturday at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

The star of the show-running back Hershel (sic) Sims-was limited to ONLY 105 yards. 

The junior entered the game with 2,260 yards and 32 touchdowns (9.0 ypc).  A threat out of the backfield, Sims also had 371 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.

Sims is regarded as one of the best running backs in the state of Texas.  He has gotten offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor and Texas Tech.  He is interested in other top programs, including UGA.

Mike Bobo should be on the first plane to Abilene.  The last time a RB named Hershel (spell it anyway you want) roamed the sideline, great things happened.  The last time UGA got a stud player from Texas, good things happened.


Go Dawgs!

Does This Really Need an Explanation?

This has been a wonderful Saturday evening for me. My loved ones are scattered around the state and my buddies are all tied up with Christmas activities. I am sad to be missing a wedding shower in Savannah for two dear friends of mine, but earlier engagements today and even earlier engagements tomorrow kept me from being able to make the trip . That said, I have been blessed with an evening to myself to take in the last portion of the Fresno State-Wyoming game. Yes, I am one of 10 or 12 folks in Georgia watching this game. I expect the Rutgers-UCF game to have slightly better ratings later this evening.

For the many of you who haven’t watched this game, it has really been a thriller. The football hasn’t been great, but it has been a well fought battle full of tough plays and a lot of heart from both teams, especially the Cowboys!

On to my point…

The game goes to overtime, so I’m excited to see it finish. As I’m tuned in to the World Wide Leader, an explanation of College Football overtime rules pops up and for the next 45 seconds I am explained how college overtime works.

As I’m watching, I get a text message from a friend who has escaped his family for a few minutes to watch the end of the game (it’s a big one in one of our bowl pools.) He says “Why are they describing OT rules?? If you are watching this game you are obviously a college football fanatic.” Best point I’ve heard all year.

If you’ve read to this point, thank you. If you’re watching this game, you just saw Wyoming miss a game-winning field goal. You too probably wondered why you were explained the rules of college OT. If you are die-hard enough to be watching this game you probably have a higher college football IQ than the guys in the booth. We are now entering the 2nd OT. This could get fun.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.


UPDATE: Wyoming has pulled a great upset, winning 35-28 in 2 OT. Looks like another long bowl season for our friend corbindawg.