He’s A Fightin’ Texas Aggie

“But after fumbles and interceptions
He takes his girlfriend’s hand
But the game don’t mean a thing to her
She’s just there to see the band”

I’m A Fighting Texas Aggie, REK (performed here by his buddy Roger Creager)

Well how about that? In a game where Texas A & M ran 92 plays, held the ball for more than four minutes longer than us, and had 9 more first downs than the good guys, the Dawgs thoroughly whipped the Fightin’ Texas Aggies.

The first half was long, slow, and ultimately pretty boring. We played classic bend-but-don’t-break defense and never got anything going on O. Joe didn’t have his best game and Bobo continued to show that they have little faith in him, and for good reason, by sticking to the little out routes that he was still unable to get a feel for. But, he wasn’t helped by his receivers a lot either there in the first half. Oh, and did I mention that we forgot how to run block?

However, a kick return TD before the half and a little bit of Powerade in the locker room must have provided a spark because the Dawgs came out and just smoked the Aggies in the second half. We ran the ball better and actually caused/forced some turnovers on D! The Senator mentions his thoughts on how we would have played had Willie been here. I guess I agree, although while watching I felt like this was the best performance out of our guys since LSU and that Willie may have been more of a burden than a blessing to our D, if for nothing else than the guys just had a different aura about themselves last night.

All in all this was a very good win for UGA. We closed out the season with 8 wins, which just feels better than 7. CMR has reached 90 career wins in 10 years, which reminds me to ask the question: Why do some fans want him on the hot seat? Oh well, different story for a different day. Anyway, we will have a much sweeter taste in our mouth for the next 9 months after a lopsided win like that against a Big XII school. And it’s always easier to do what you have to do in the offseason after a win.

Congratulations to the Seniors, we wish you well. It’s been fun. For the rest of us, only a little over 9 months to kickoff! Go Dawgs!


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