Mixed signals

Here at TGT, many of us grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show, on which Deputy Fife aptly described Ernest T Bass with a simple observation: “He’s a nut.”

If there is anything we’ve learned from this ridiculous Urban Meyer saga, it’s that Meyer may be certifiably crazy.
One day, he says he is resigning from coaching for health reasons and releases a statement extolling the importance of his health and family.

All of a sudden, the wheels starting turning – questions over who his replacement would be and how the Florida program would fare were hot topics. ESPN, which has shown a blatant love affair for the Gators and Jeanshorts Jesus himself, Tim Tebow, scheduled a tribute of sorts for Sunday afternoon – the sort of thing they do when an athlete dies.

Then it all changed again with Meyer decided Sunday that he was not retiring after all. Instead, he will take a leave of absence.

So let’s get this straight – one day Meyer is talking about the importance of faith, family and health. Less than 24 hours later, all of that goes out the window, for the most part.

It’s progressed to a point now that no one knows who the real Urban Meyer is. He has now given a Christmas present to any school recruiting against Florida. If I am in that boat, I play up the fact that Meyer has shown that he may or may not be the coach at Florida in the near future. And even if Meyer says one thing, one now must wonder if he’s going to change his mind again the next day.

One day, Meyer was a family man, one realizing that the glitz and trophies mean nothing without your health and family. A day later, he comes across as the exact opposite.

Yes, college football has itself a certifiable nut.

Lugnut Dawg

1 Response to “Mixed signals”

  1. 1 Munson's Call December 29, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Actually I think that would give CMR 90 wins in 9 years. He started in 2001.

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