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We Failed

We failed, but in the good providence of God apparent failure often proves a blessing.

            -Robert E. Lee

I am going to have to be the lone, dissenting voice on The Grit Tree.  I never would have thought in the nine years of Coach Richt’s era there would be such a negative backlash towards him. 

I personally feel like the thought of Mark Richt being on the hotseat for one bad year is complete hogwash.  It is shortsighted.  Fans like to point to the failures of last year as the unraveling of Coach Richt.  While 2008 was very disappointing and maddening, any time you have a 10 win season it is not a down year. 

Richt’s biggest mistake is he didn’t take the mistakes of a year ago serious enough.  He has said when he was a Florida State, they were always one of the most penalized teams.  (Florida and Oklahoma were last year also).  The problem this year is that we don’t have the overall talent (raw talent, we have, but not groomed talent) to overcome the penalties, turnovers and lack of turnovers. 

To think that Mark Richt is unable to make the necessary changes or be “tough enough” to make tough decisions is ignorant.  You don’t interview with Vince Dooley and not coach at UGA for 9 seasons, winning 2 SEC titles, 2 Sugar Bowls and have an impeccable road record and not be “tough enough”.

In an AJC article, Damon Evans came out in support of Coach Richt.  Most of the time, when coaches are feeling the heat, the AD does not come out with public praise.  See Charlie Wiess and Notre Dame.  Usually phrases like “we will evaluate the direction of the program at the end of the season” will be made by the AD if a coach is feeling the heat.

“Mark Richt is our football coach, and I’m glad that Mark Richt is our football coach,” Evans said Monday night. “I have confidence in Mark Richt to get the job done and do the things he’s done over the past years to keep us competing for championships. And I know that what Mark will do are the things he thinks are appropriate for the program.”

Later, Evans added: “I’m glad that our fans . . . know we have a good football coach, a coach that has been through the thick and thin, and somebody who has led us to great heights with SEC championships, BCS bowl appearances. Any program faces adversity, and when you face adversity, it’s what you learn from it and how you come out of it. And I have confidence that Coach Richt will come through this.”

As General Lee said, you can learn more in failure than success.  A 10-3 season did not properly teach us of our failures; a 6-6 season will.  Now we will see if Richt can earn his paycheck; unlike most out there, I think he can. 


Go Dawgs!

Turnovers and Turnovers Created

In David Hale’s mailbag this morning, he addresses the amount of turnovers created vs. the turnovers committed ( he provided the numbers and I did the graph).

Turnovers and creating turnovers is a relatively new problem, over the course of Richt’s career.  If you look at this decade, the worse years with turnovers was 2000, 2006, 2009; when we had subpar quarterback play (you could even take 2000 off but we’ll leave it up there for some context). 

Also, there is a difference between a down year and a disappointing year.  2008 and 2004 were very similar years as far as our talent level, preseason expectations and end of the season results.  The turnover margin those years were very similar.  If people say the defensive scheme we play, the one we have run nearly a decade, is no good at creating turnovers, look at 2002-2003, 2005-2007.  I submit it is not a coaching problem as much as player problem.  Players are not making the plays.   Ucheedawg reads that and says: “It is up to the coaches to get the most out of the players to make the plays.”  I want to make something clear:  I am not giving the coaches a pass, and it is up to them to put the correct players out there (ie Rambo over Evans), but it is the responsibility of the players to make plays.

The problems we are facing now are problems that when seen them in the past, it has been corrected.  Having a new QB next year will make the # of turnovers committed shrink tremendously.  Even in 2001, with first time starter RS Freshman David Greene was QB, the amount went down.  I think we can all agree that a new DC will be coming in, so our turnover numbers should increase also; as they did in 2005 and 2002 (I’ll give BVG a pass in 2001 as that was transition year across the board) whenever a new DC has come in. 


Go Dawgs!

Lewis Grizzard Wednesday: Rivalry Edition

Lewis talks about some of the south’s best rivalry games, including this weekend’s Iron Bowl and UGA-GT.


Truly a sign of the times

That’s About Right

I’m not sure folks outside of UGA realize how bad this week has been. Hey Jenny Slater sums it up just about perfectly.

10. Georgia — Lost to Kentucky, got knocked down to the Weedeater Bowl, David Greene’s career wins record got broken, and our dog died. How was your week?

Yep, that just about does it.


p.s. PETA, let us worry about our dawgs. We’ll get along without you; all of America will.

Another Reason to Hate PETA

Everyone needs to take their mind off the current state of UGA football to read this

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!

Matt Stafford is a Man

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Matt. I didn’t blame him for going pro, but would have loved to have kept him and #24 around for another season. But a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. Here’s an awesome tribute to Matthew. Keep stickin’ it to them big boy.

A Day In the Life of A Georgia Tech Fan

This is an oldie but a goodie.  This is a day in the life of a Georgia Tech Fan. 

Remember Dawg Fans, a 10-3 down year season followed by a 6-6 (potential 7-6) season is an aberration for us.   That is the norm for them.

Reveling In Others Misery

We have discussed running a series of posts on the state of Notre Dame football in order to make us feel a little better. That probably won’t happen, what with this being the week of Thanksgiving  and everyone still in a relatively crappy mood after last weekend. However, this is newsworthy.

You can look at it one of two ways. A) It’s wildly hilarious because anything embarrassing that happens to someone named Clausen or someone affiliated with Notre Dame is pure gold; or B) A fan really stepped over the line here and no collegiate athlete should be subjected to this type of treatment.

I’ll let you decide how you feel about it, we won’t take a stance. But I sure don’t like anyone named Clausen or anyone who plays for Notre Dame.

*I take that back. I always kind of pulled for the Walker kid from Buford. I wish he had made wiser choices.


What a Win for Stafford!

How about Matthew Stafford’s performance for the Lions yesterday.  While playing through a shoulder injury, Stafford led the Lions to a huge victory that has to give the program hope and confidence.

In Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell raved about Matthew Stafford as a person and his ability to be the savior for the Lions franchise.