On Cox and Murray

I’ll be blunt: I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Joe Cox will continue to start at QB for the Georgia Bulldogs. Cited as “the best chance to win”, Joe has proven that he too often makes the wrong decisions and is not athletic enough to be an SEC QB. Joe has not played like a 5th year Senior, but rather a skinny true frosh. If you have read anything I’ve written over the course of the year, you know that I have been a big supporter of Joe. I’ve wanted nothing more than for him to succeed. He did what he could do, waiting four long years to finally get his shot. Somewhere around the 4th Quarter in Jacksonville my patience with Joe finally ceded and I realized that it was time to move forward.

I truly feel that this is yet another example of CMR being too soft as HC. I understand that they know the players on this squad better than anyone, but in front of God and Bulldog Nation Joe Cox has proven that he is not a very good QB. Logan Gray may not be either, but we are not getting anywhere with Cox at the reigns.

It’s not time to throw in the towel on this season, but Joe has not won a game against a real good opponent yet (Arkansas and SC are not that great.) Against Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Florida and LSU Joe has proven that he is not the QB that we were hoping for, the QB who was so highly praised in the pre-season as being a great leader. We underestimated how badly we would miss #7.  

So, you may ask, who do you suggest we start? Obviously Logan Gray has not progressed like our coaching staff had hoped, or he would have been given an opportunity already. All year long I said that we do not need to burn Aaron Murray’s redshirt, but now I have officially changed my mind.

My thoughts are tricky to explain, but I’ll give it my best shot. If Aaron Murray is as good as they say he is, then there is a chance that we will only have him for 3 seasons. While he probably wouldn’t leave after a redshirt sophomore year, he would very likely leave after a redshirt junior season. Of course, he may stay, but the chances that he would leave after a redshirt junior year would be greatly increased. So, in my thinking, the same would be true for a true junior/true senior year. His redshirt junior season would be his true senior season, and if he is a Stafford caliber player, he will probably bolt for the riches of the NFL. I would hate to get burned by a lack of playing time like we did with Moreno if this kid is that good. I at least think it’s worth a look.

To take this a tiny step farther, if Aaron Murray does not pan out to be the QB that Stafford or Shockley or any of our other greats were, I would like to find that out sooner rather than later. Further, if our coaches don’t think he will be, then I hope we have our eye on a kid in high school who is a 3 year type college kid. Whether we like kids leaving early or not, every program wants those type of athletes on their team.

I understand that Murray has been hampered by injury this year, but it is my understanding that he is now at 100%. Again, I struggle to fathom that Joe really does give us the best chance to win. Part of me wonders if CMR sees a little bit of Joe in himself. I don’t know, but at this point, Joe is better served being a mentor to these younger guys. With both David Greene and Matthew Stafford, we took our lumps early and then produced arguably 2 of the greatest QB’s in UGA history. I really feel that if Joe wants to be a leader, he should do like JT III and take a backseat to a more talented youngster. We have talent in the wings, and it takes some time to get used to the speed of SEC football. A game against Tennessee Tech would be a great place to get that first bit of experience. A win in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry would give a major boost of confidence. I think we have an opportunity here to really mold a solid young player into the face of our future, and we shouldn’t squabble this opportunity.




6 Responses to “On Cox and Murray”

  1. 1 Todd November 3, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Murray is way to short to be worrying about him going pro. When was the last time somebody that short “bolted to the NFL” at the qb position?

  2. 2 Vinnie November 3, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Who’s the last 5’11” QB not named Vick to leave early for the NFL?

    Don’t burn the redshirt. If Murray were the second coming, he’d have played already. Throw him to the wolves now and chances are the fanbase gets down on him like we have Logan Gray. Plus, it’s too late for us to realistically sign a Stafford-level quarterback this season. We’ll try and get one for ’11 regardless.

  3. 3 THEdawg November 3, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Burn the redshirt. If Aaron was a 5 star elite 11 he should be expected to play as a freshman. Otherwise we were duped by the ratings agencies and Nike. More importantly, get the butterflies out of his gut during a season that is already lost. The 2010 scheduled gets hard in a hurry – at So. Car, Arkansas, at MS State, at Colorado, Tennessee, etc. That is a lineup that will result in a one-year rebuilding program extending into two. Back to back 7-5 or 6-6 seasons will not sit well with the Dawgvent crowd.

    • 4 frustratedinathens November 3, 2009 at 6:21 pm

      It all comes down to this in my honest opinion: Coach Richt has mentored, recruited and is insistent that Mettenberger will be the starting QB for UGA. My understanding is he didn’t even know Murray’s name when he met him the first two times and only watched film after Bobo made an offer to Murray. To Richt, Murray is only a backup plan, the extra QB they needed to have and a means to keep Murray away from Florida. He continues to say they are equal in performance but the numbers in scrimmages always show that to be false. He won’t start Murray because that would give Murray an edge in the Spring battle. Plus Mettenberger is far from understanding the system at this point and needs more scrimmage time before he is ready to start. That makes for an uphill battle and Murray is starting to see the “home town boy loyality” clear as ever and may not even be around for the Spring.

  4. 5 Oviedo Dawg November 3, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    Get Murray on the field this weekend. Bobo’s playbook is hampered by the fact that Cox can’t make many of the throws necessary to spread a defense. Murray can make the throws; but he needs experience. Tenn. Tech would be a great opponent for him to gain some experience. What the heck will it do for Joe Cox? What Joe can do to help the team win is teach and tutor Murray….not play QB. UGA should never be this bad at the QB position. If Murray can make it, then recruit someone else; but Cox isn’t the answer now or in the future.

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