Waiting is the Hardest Part

Georgia-Florida is, in my opinion, the finest weekend of the year. There is nothing as enjoyable as spending a few days on the Atlantic coast in late October/early November. Whether you prefer SSI, Amelia Island, or anywhere in between, it takes on a special feel during the annual cocktail party. (Especially SSI in my opinion. Greatest place on earth to be during the WLOCP weekend)

Heading out a day later this year, and I realize that waiting is the hardest part of this week. The anticipation is hard to fight, but I guess that is part of what makes the trip down Hwy. 341 so sweet.

I think the Dawgs can do it this weekend, but not with stats, lack of turnovers, or any other baromoter we physically put on how well a football team plays. I think that our only chance this weekend will come from beneath the pads. We have to find that “won’t lose” mentality we used to see when David Greene and Pollack stepped on the field. We have got to see that passion and that heart for the game those guys showed.

I’ve thought about this a lot this week, and I think it’s true. I am hoping that we see something we have not yet seen out of this breed of Bulldogs, and I hope it’s as special as I think it can be.

If we play inspired, driven football, we can go down to Jax and beat those swamp lizzards. If not, then I’m afraid we’ll spend another year wondering if we can break this trend.

Enjoy yourselves this weekend, but be careful.

Gators wear jean shorts! Go Dawgs!


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