Stacy Searels Deserves A Lot of Blame Also

As stated in my seperation letter to Coach Martinez, CWM has been an easy target for the fans and critics.   Other notable assistant coaches have been berated with criticism and downright scorn also.

One coach who seems to be immune from the criticism is Coach Stacy Searels.  Now before anyone who reads this starts spitting out their coffee, let me just make something clear:  I am not advocating for a coaching change. 

We have talked about penalties being a problem.  Our team ranks next to last in total penalties called.  Where have the majority of our penalties came from?  Yep, the offensive line.  Over the course of the season, our Offensive Line has accounted for 21 of our 57 penalties.  I’ll save you the trouble of hitting the calculator button on your computer:  That is 37% of our penalties.  In the Arkansas game alone, we had 6 false starts and 3 holding calls. 

For the year, we have 13 false starts, 7 holding and 1 personal foul on the O-Line.

If any other unit was making these many mistakes, could you imagine the up roar?

But becasue CSS has a golden reputation, he gets a pass.  Now don’t get me wrong, I feel we are VERY lucky to have him.  But the offensive line has been downright bad.  Equally as bad has been the running game.  CSS is both the O-Line Coach and the running game coordinator.  Why is he exempt from criticism?  If it is becuase of his track record, why hasn’t Mark Richt gotten a pass also?  He is a proven winner in Athens, but people such as Mark Bradley are quick to say that he can no longer deliver a winning program. 

If no one from coaching staff is immune from criticism, then the position coach whose unit that has been the biggest let down this season should not be immune either. 

Also, if you are not winning, it is not a good time to be stubborn.  The Senator criticized CWM for throwing his clipboard Saturday.  He said that may work for Steve Spurrier; but Steve Spurrier can back it up.  Coach Searels, the whole tough guy bit of  not talking to the media may work when the team finishes 11-2, but when your unit sucks, it makes you look like a jerk.


Go Dawgs!

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