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Big Jeff

We all know about Jeff Owens. We know how badly he was missed last year and what a great player he is. Most importantly though, we know what a great person he is. Big Jeff is a wonderful role model for all of us, no matter the age. If you’re on twitter, you should follow him. A tweet he made last week really caught my eye. He was telling the twitterverse about his plans to visit St. Mary’s and his hopes to inspire a few folks today. That’s big for a college stud. Jeff is a guy who has his priorities in line. Whether it’s participating in FCA or speaking to a group of underprivileged kids, Jeff always seems to be doing “the right thing.” Thanks Jeff.

**Mike Moore is also an active twitterer and has some good stuff, so if you’re into that, he’s here.  And we’re here.



Which way do we go from here?

I  made a parallel to the 2007 season last week in referencing our defense and why I think we are capable of turning it around.  I get accused by some of the other co-contributors on this blog for looking at the past too often.  I do feel to get a grasp on the present, you have to get a historical context. 

I had an eerie feeling on Saturday night.  It was “like Deja Vu all over again.” 

Arizona State had an opportunity to go ahead by a field goal with minutes left.  Had they been able to score, I believe that would have been the ball game, as our offense had proven it could not really move the ball with any consistency.  In fact, the only star was A.J. Green.  We somehow manage to get the ball down field in and we  are able to boot a game winning 37 yard field goal as time expired.  It was, as a matter of fact, the first ever game winning field goal of Blair Walsh’s career.   The team, excited with the victory over a subpar opponent, met their kicker out on the field in a large dog pile. 

This sounds a lot like the 2007 Vanderbilt game.  On a day when top teams were upset, UGA went to Nashville, got an early lead, then faltered until late in the 4th quarter.  Our defense came up big; Daryl Gamble forced a fumble that definitely saved a field goal attempt and quite possibly a touchdown.  Our offense had pretty poor evening; Stafford was barely a 50% passer.  The one bright spot was the play of Knowshon Moreno.  Somehow, Stafford led a drive that set up Brandon Coutu to boot a  game winning 37 yard field goal as time expired.  This was  Coutu’s first game winning kick of his career, also.  Much to the chagrin of Coach Richt, the team met the kicker on field to celebrate the victory over a subpar opponent. 

What followed two weeks later on the Banks of the St. John’s River is legendary:

Any excuse to show this again, right?

So, after this unimpressive win over a subpar opponent, where do we go?  Do we fix the five problems that have plagued us this season?  In 2007, we did not have any heart.  You can’t say that about this group of Bulldogs.  Can Coach Richt and his staff, like they did in 2007, find a way to all of a sudden fix what ills this team?

If they can, they are capable of beating anyone in the country.  I said after the 2007 Vanderbilt game we would be lucky to beat Kentucky that year.  I swore at Chicken Express in Watkinsville, GA that we were headed for a 6-6 season.  We turned it around then.  Can this group of Bulldogs (players and coaches) turn it around now?  I think they are capable, but will they?  If they are, they better do it in a hurry. 


Go Dawgs!

Over/Under Number of Fumbles

From cornerbacks to receivers, from running backs to  quarterbacks, our team has proven it likes to cough up the ball.  Arizona State’s players have probably never even seen rain before living in the desert.

If the weather is messy tonight, how many fumbles will there be? I will guess 5 total.  Three by us (it seems to be the standard) and two from them.

Are there going to be more/less than 5 fumbles tonight?

Three keys to beating ASU

Play pass defense

This is something Georgia has not done a very good job of the past two games (how’s that for an understatement?). It must pressure the quarterback and blanket ASU’s receivers with coverage.

Don’t make mistakes

Last week in Arkansas, penalties and turnovers put Georgia behind early, putting it in a hole. That’s the last thing the Bulldogs need to do against an upset-mind Sun Devils team. Georgia must take control early and minimizing mistakes will go along way in carrying this out.

Keep on rolling

Georgia has had no problems scoring points recently. It needs to keep doing so early on against ASU and get the Sanford Stadium crowd on its side and put ASU at a disadvantage. We’ve seen out of conference teams get blindsided early Between the Hedges (think Boise State and Okie State). If Georgia makes big plays early, it can do the same this week.

Busy week

There has been a lot of news this week about matters that are peripheral to what happens on the gridiron.  We have had coaching fueds , garbage talk, the UGA game staying in Jacksonville, and whether or not Willie should or should not be given the boot. 

With all the extracurriculars, you wouldn’t think that we have a NIGHT game this week against another BCS opponent who has again circled the game with us on their calendar all off season.  We do.  I am not going to go indepth of what we need to do to win this game.  I think anyone who has watched this team the last three weeks has a good idea of what we can do/what we can’t do that we need to improve on.  Improvement will be the difference in 10 point win and a 20 point win. 

1.  Don’t turn the ball over, especially on our side of the field. 

2. Force turnovers.

3.  Don’t leave recievers wide open; and when you do cover them, tackle them.

4. Rush the QB.

5.  Cut the number of false start and holding penalties.

These are the seemingly simple fundamentals that, one would think, will be correctable.  We should get past AZ State, but to have any chance to compete on a high level we must correct said problems. 

Hopefully we can get out of this game with no injuries, get our back ups and younger players plenty of opportunities to play, and gear up for LSU next week between the hedges. 


Go Dawgs!

Friday Locks

1. Corbindawg (5-1, .833) 0 GB T2. Kensingtondawg (4-2, .667) 1 GB T2. Granitedawg (4-2, .667) 2 GB  4. Ucheedawg (1-5, .167) 4 GB

Corbindawg (5-1)

Texas Tech as Houston (-1) Though Texas Tech is not going to make a MNC chase this year, they are still a quality team that will put up some points.  They made their match up with Texas very interesting last week.  Houston is going to score points also. .  While they beat OSU, I don’t see them repeating this feat against TbyT. The Line hasn’t swayed all week.   Staying with my lean here and I will take the Red Raiders and The Good Doctor straight up. 

Florida (-21.5) at Kentucky-  Urban Meyer is like a shark in the water.  He got a sniff of blood last week.  Tebow was going into the endzone early in the 4th Quarter and fumbled on the Tennessee 2.  What was going to be a 30-6 (at least) blood letting turned into a more respectable 23-13 win.  Urban got a taste, now he wants to devour.  Kentucky hasn’t been tested this year and are probably not as good as they have been in the last couple of years.  Urban can say how he doesn’t care about style points and I can say how I have washboard abs.  Especially after the Ole Miss loss, the team is going to make sure not to get embarrassed.  Again with the leans, I believe the spread could be 40 and Florida would cover with ease. 

North Carolina at Georgia Tech (-2.5) The nerds had very high preseason expectations.  With a blown lead and near loss against Clempson, followed up by a blowout loss to Miami, the Ramblin Wreck need this game to not only stay in the hunt but to correct the problems they have been having on both side of the ball.  Much like we saw with South Carolina, a battle tested team is a better prepared team.  UNC has had close wins against sub par teams.  You can learn more in defeat than victory, so I will take the Yellow Jackets to cover the two and a hook.

Kensingtondawg (4-2)

Three dogs this week for all my people who have become rich off of these picks.

Missouri at Nevada (+7.5) -Why wait til Saturday when you can make money on Friday!  It’s been a tough start for the Wolfpack but this is a good football team.  Colin Kaepernick is very good at making throws the ball down the field.  Plus, I’m not sold on Missouri just yet.  The beat a pitiful coached team in Illinois (coached by the Zooker) to start this season and barely escaped Bowling Green.  In what should be a tough environment for Missouri, I like Nevada and the 7.5.

Southern Miss (+13.5) at Kansas- The Jayhawks are on a roll in 2009 but they’d better be ready Saturday.  They are facing a dangerous team in Southern Miss who are led by one of the better running backs in the Southeast in Damon Fletcher.  Plus it doesn’t appear that Kansas has their head in the right place considering the Kansas football team was involved in a brawl with the Jayhawk basketball team earlier in the week.  Don’t be surprised if Southern Miss walks into Lawrence and wins the game outright.  But, since Vegas will give them to me I’ll take Southern Miss and the 13.5.   

Miami at Virginia Tech (+3)-  Talk about disrespect!  Virginia Tech, the rightful owner of the ACC, the last few years is a underdog at home to the sexy team on the street in the Miami Hurricanes.  There is no question that the Canes are improved.  They made one of the best hires in the offseason by bringing on OC Mark Whipple.  And Jacory Harris, while good, is prone to making mistakes.  He nearly cost them the game against FSU when his misguided INT was returned for a TD in the second half.  Miami has not faced a defense as close to as good as the one Bud Foster will bring Saturday afternoon.  Va Tech will cover and win.  They may even do it in convincing fashion.  Take the Hokies and the 3.

Granitedawg (4-2)

Colorado State at BYU  (-17)   BYU got upset by FSU and I think that is what is keeping this line low.  Colorado St may be undefeated but this is the same BYU team we were talking about a week ago running the table.  If they don’t turn it over as much this week BYU covers easily.
Arizona State at  UGA (-12)-   Corbindawg will try and tell you why our defense will play better.  I just think Samuel and committee will run all over a rain soaked field.  UGA covers.
Cal at Oregon  (+5.5)  Cal has the heisman frontrunner in Javhid Best, that is if he didn’t play for Cal.  Cal is superior on both lines and runs the score up hoping for national attention.  Cal by two touchdowns.

Ucheedawg (1-5)

Arizona St at UGA (-12) Georgia rolls this week, putting up huge numbers against a weak Arizona St. defense. Our offense is much too rounded for them. Conversely, I think our D is too athletic to allow them to do to us what Arkansas did last week. I’ll give the points and take the Dawgs.

UF (-21.5) at UK- Urban Meyer will take out all frustrations against the Cats this week and roll up massive amounts of td’s. After an un-impressive win against the Vols, look for lots of style points here. Give the points and take the Gators.

Notre Dame (-7) at Purdue- ND’s star WR is out for the year, and QB Claussen has been slowed by a toe injury. Poor on the road anyway, look for ND to struggle to put away the Boilermakers. ND wins, but it’s closer than the experts think. I’ll take the 7 and go with Purdue.

Mediation in Lane vs. Urban

Mike Slive has finally put his foot down and told these two jokers to quit the verbal insults. I wondered what it would look like if Commissioner Slive had brought these two, urm, gentlemen together for a pow wow.

I would hope that it would look something like this:

(WARNING: Video is from one of the funniest movies of the last several years.  It does include some coarse language, so watch at your own risk)

You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!


Go Dawgs!