Which way do we go from here?

I  made a parallel to the 2007 season last week in referencing our defense and why I think we are capable of turning it around.  I get accused by some of the other co-contributors on this blog for looking at the past too often.  I do feel to get a grasp on the present, you have to get a historical context. 

I had an eerie feeling on Saturday night.  It was “like Deja Vu all over again.” 

Arizona State had an opportunity to go ahead by a field goal with minutes left.  Had they been able to score, I believe that would have been the ball game, as our offense had proven it could not really move the ball with any consistency.  In fact, the only star was A.J. Green.  We somehow manage to get the ball down field in and we  are able to boot a game winning 37 yard field goal as time expired.  It was, as a matter of fact, the first ever game winning field goal of Blair Walsh’s career.   The team, excited with the victory over a subpar opponent, met their kicker out on the field in a large dog pile. 

This sounds a lot like the 2007 Vanderbilt game.  On a day when top teams were upset, UGA went to Nashville, got an early lead, then faltered until late in the 4th quarter.  Our defense came up big; Daryl Gamble forced a fumble that definitely saved a field goal attempt and quite possibly a touchdown.  Our offense had pretty poor evening; Stafford was barely a 50% passer.  The one bright spot was the play of Knowshon Moreno.  Somehow, Stafford led a drive that set up Brandon Coutu to boot a  game winning 37 yard field goal as time expired.  This was  Coutu’s first game winning kick of his career, also.  Much to the chagrin of Coach Richt, the team met the kicker on field to celebrate the victory over a subpar opponent. 

What followed two weeks later on the Banks of the St. John’s River is legendary:

Any excuse to show this again, right?

So, after this unimpressive win over a subpar opponent, where do we go?  Do we fix the five problems that have plagued us this season?  In 2007, we did not have any heart.  You can’t say that about this group of Bulldogs.  Can Coach Richt and his staff, like they did in 2007, find a way to all of a sudden fix what ills this team?

If they can, they are capable of beating anyone in the country.  I said after the 2007 Vanderbilt game we would be lucky to beat Kentucky that year.  I swore at Chicken Express in Watkinsville, GA that we were headed for a 6-6 season.  We turned it around then.  Can this group of Bulldogs (players and coaches) turn it around now?  I think they are capable, but will they?  If they are, they better do it in a hurry. 


Go Dawgs!

6 Responses to “Which way do we go from here?”

  1. 1 BigMuddyDawg September 28, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Wait, did anyone break into Blair Walsh’s apartment after he kicked the game-winning field goal against ASU like they did when Brandon Coutu kicked his game-winning field goal against Vandy? Now that would be an eerie coincidence, huh?

    How ’bout them Dawgs!

  2. 2 Bernie September 28, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Nice parallel. Same final score too…right? 20-17…

    I’d take the end result of that season at this point. Gladly! And I can see it as definitely possible. We just have to protect the ball.

    Worth repeating: WE JUST HAVE TO PROTECT THE BALL!!

  3. 4 Scott, Atlanta September 28, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    The moral of the story; going to Chicken Express leads to good things. The hidden jem of Athens-Clark County.


  4. 5 HamDawg11 September 28, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    I’ll trade every other game for a win in J-ville to send Timmy Boy packing in style!!

  5. 6 BuyPropertyUcheeDawg! September 28, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Couple of things….

    1. Chicken Express is in Watkinsville, Oconee County. Respect.
    2. I’m on my way to Blair Walsh’s apartment right now.

    Go Dawgs!

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