Busy week

There has been a lot of news this week about matters that are peripheral to what happens on the gridiron.  We have had coaching fueds , garbage talk, the UGA game staying in Jacksonville, and whether or not Willie should or should not be given the boot. 

With all the extracurriculars, you wouldn’t think that we have a NIGHT game this week against another BCS opponent who has again circled the game with us on their calendar all off season.  We do.  I am not going to go indepth of what we need to do to win this game.  I think anyone who has watched this team the last three weeks has a good idea of what we can do/what we can’t do that we need to improve on.  Improvement will be the difference in 10 point win and a 20 point win. 

1.  Don’t turn the ball over, especially on our side of the field. 

2. Force turnovers.

3.  Don’t leave recievers wide open; and when you do cover them, tackle them.

4. Rush the QB.

5.  Cut the number of false start and holding penalties.

These are the seemingly simple fundamentals that, one would think, will be correctable.  We should get past AZ State, but to have any chance to compete on a high level we must correct said problems. 

Hopefully we can get out of this game with no injuries, get our back ups and younger players plenty of opportunities to play, and gear up for LSU next week between the hedges. 


Go Dawgs!

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