Getting Hard to Defend Willie

One stat says it all.  According to the AJC’s Mark Bradley , over the last nine games Georgia has given up an average of 33 points a game.  Georgia just gave up 30 points one time in Brian Van Gorder’s tenure.  That was to the 2003 BCS Champion LSU Tigers in the SEC title game.  UGA also ranks 97th in the nation in total defense.

While many were killing Martinez last year, I defended him.   Any team that suffers eighteen season ending injuries is going to struggle without fresh bodies to run in and out of games.  Anyone who ripped Coach Martinez last year and didn’t consider the injury situation just aren’t being intellectually honest.

But, with a healthy tandem of players on defense this season, so far 2009 has been disappointing.  Georgia still doesn’t create pressure and plays too passive.  They also appeared lost and confused.  You don’t believe me just ask senior safety Bryan Evans “That was poor execution by us. Some people were playing a certain coverage and another player was playing another coverage. That accounted for some of the big passing yards that they did get”.   If Martinez can’t get this fixed in the next nine games it will be time to move in another directon.



1 Response to “Getting Hard to Defend Willie”

  1. 1 Hamp Tanner September 22, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    I hoping it doesn’t take 9 more games to fix the coverage snafus. ;>)

    Can’t argue one bit with this post. Come on Willie, turn it around so we can cheer our asses off for your defense like we did in the Hawaii game. That is the defense we want to see!

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