The Georgia Defense is Capable of Rebounding

That was terrible.  Did you see how out of synch we looked?  Our pass rush could not get to the quarterback.  The average QB looked like Peyton Manning.  There was no pressure and he had all day to throw.  There were receivers wide open down the field.  Where were our linebackers at?  Our cornerback* looks confused out there.  I will tell you this much, we are going to get run out of the building against Florida and Auburn.  Tebow and all that speed is going to go right past us.  It won’t even be close.  We may not even make seven wins.

Does this sound familiar?  Did many of us say that after the Arkansas game?  After viewing two mediocre teams put up nearly 1,000 yards of offense against the Georgia defense, many within the Bulldawg Nation are probably at their wits end.

I said the same thing, but not after the Arkansas game.  I said the same thing after the worse performance of a Richt team, the 2007 Tennessee game.  This game, Erik Ainge and Tennessee’s running game tore us apart.

What happened after this game?  The Dawgs went on an 8 game tear and finished #2 in the country.  Ask Tim Tebow how good the defense was.  He got sacked six times.  Ask Colt Brennan about our defense.  We lead the SEC in sacks.

There are problems that need to be fixed.  I think they can be.  I don’t think all hope is lost-yet.  Six games in the 2007 and we made leaps and bounds and improved greatly.  Conversely, last season the last six games our defense was not very good.

I still think it is too early to tell one way or another.  I don’t know if they can improve, but we also don’t know they can’t.  Let’s hold off any judgments until the end of the season, so we can have a full body of work.


*The cornerback who looked confused?  Around 0:45 into the video, you will see him get tangled up on a run play.  That #2 was Asher Allen.  He was in his second season, first full season as a starter.  I think he turned out ok.  The Minnesota Vikings thought so, anyway.  The #2 we have now is in his second season, first as a starter.  Again, too early to say he is not a good cover corner.

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