Looking back at the Three Keys

Before Saturday’s game at Arkansas, we presented three keys to a Georgia victory.

Here’s how the Bulldogs fared:

1. Control the game early:

Remember last week how South Carolina tempered the Sanford Stadium crowd with an early score? Well, Georgia needs to do likewise against Arkansas- getting an early lead an not allowing the Arkansas fans to get crazy. If they take the crowd out of the game early, it could be UGA’s advantage.

This one didn’t quite work out. Arkansas scored a lot of points early, leading 21-10 and the Bulldogs also turned it over early. Luckily, Georgia rallied as the game went on.

2. Hammer Mallett

Georgia must not only generate a pass rush against Razorback QB Ryan Mallett, it must wrestle him to the ground. This was an issue last week against South Carolina when Stephen Garcia was able to avoid sacks. That cannot be allowed to happen again this week.

Mallett had a lot of passing yards due to multiple factors, two of which were less than subpar play from Georgia’s secondary and a lack of applying pressure to Mallett for much of the game. The good news here is that when it counted late in the game, Georgia was able to throw the Razorbacks out of synch offensively.

3. Control the clock

The best way to keep Arkansas’ offense on the sidelines is for Georgia to have the ball. That will come by running the ball successfully. If Georgia can move the ball up and down the field, it can dilute the threat of the Razorbacks’ offense.

Georgia didn’t control the clock primarily by running the ball, but it didn’t need to with the way Joe Cox was throwing and Georgia’s tight ends and receivers were catching. That said, Richard Samuel’s long run and some nice runs by Caleb King were good to see.

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