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Keys to Beating Tech

Five Novembers ago, we experienced in Sanford Stadium something that I would not wish on any Bulldog – a loss to the North Avenue Trade School.

Here’s what I think they keys are to winning for the fifth time in a row against the Maggots.

1. Defense has to stay on target. With the triple-option being unconventional, it relies on two things to have big success against a team such as Georgia – missed assignments and players not finishing plays – both of which result of big plays – see Reshad Jones in 2008. This worries me…a lot. How many times has Georgia’s defense missed on assignments this year? It will be very critical for Grantham’s charges to not get worn down and frustrated by the mundane nature of defending Tech’s defense. Tech will get its chunks of three or four yards per play. But if Georgia can force numerous third and longs, it’ll have itself a good day.

2. Mason doesn’t need to win it, but can’t lose it. Hutson Mason doesn’t need to takeover the game, but he’ll need to do enough to make Tech think about the pass. If Georgia can have some measure of success, it’ll prevent Tech from putting eight or nine in the box on a regular basis.

3. The tight end. The best way to catch a Tech defense looking for a heavy dose of Todd Gurley’s running sleeping? Quick passes over the middle to Arthur Lynch to spread things out.

4. Absence of the red zone. With Tech’s offense able to pick up short-yardage first downs more easily, multiple trips inside the 20 could bode well for the Jackets. Georgia needs to prevent that from happening by snuffing out scoring drives before they advance that far.

5. Up the Middle. Georgia doesn’t have a John Jenkins or Kwame Geathers up the middle to clog the center of the running lanes. The Dawgs will need to come up with a combination of linemen or linebacker play to shut this option (no pun intended) down and force running plays towards the perimeter, which could equal a big day for Josh Harvey-Clemons.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg

This week is pretty simple

“If you ever wonder if Tech is Georgia’s biggest rival, just lose to them once and you’ll find out.” – Ray Goff 

There is no beating around the bush this week. The Georgia Tech game may be named ‘Clean Old Fashioned Hate,’ but there’s nothing clean about having to deal with the maggots.

The biggest difference between the two schools? It all goes down to this. Georgia worries about Georgia Tech one week out of the year. Tech is so insignificant, playing in a sorry joke of a conference, that it worries about Georgia YEAR ROUND.

If you’re a fan of the Georgia program, this much is true – you should not lose to Tech. Now, there will be flukes and flash in the pan moments ever so often. But UGA, with its resources (aside from the Indoor Practice Facility) and what it has to draw from, should not consistently lose to Tech. 

Ray Goff’s career was extended longer than it should have at Georgia because he beat Tech. Donnan’s came to an early end because he could not beat Tech.

When you think about it, isn’t a Yellow Jacket the perfect mascot for the North Avenue Trade School. A yellow jacket is a pest – an annoying little pain to deal with that comes out of the woodwork ever so often.

Florida is a bunch of beach bums who pretend football didn’t exist before 1990, Tennessee is a bunch of hillbillies whose climax of success came in the 1990s when it got away from late hits and NCAA idol worship of Peyton Manning, South Carolina nothing without the HBC and Auburn  can’t win unless it skirts the rules of recruits QBs from prisons. 

And then there is Tech. They know Georgia is better than them, and they pull out the whole ‘we’re smarter than you’ crap. Funny, from 1998 to 2000, you never heard much of that.

Yeah, I know they like to be cute with the whole ‘we’ll be your boss one day’ deal.

Let’s just say that none of us here at TGT have ever worked for any Tech grads.

Tech has astronauts to graduate from there? Astronauts have not been relevant since the 60s.

It takes a special type of a classless to cheer when a mascot dies, but that’s common practice for the nerds.

Atlanta traffic is horrendous. With so many ‘engineers’ at Tech, they can’t engineer better traffic plans for the roads near them? Therefore, traffic in Atlanta is the fault of the Jackets. 

The University of Georgia has produced numerous governors, congressmen, senators and captains of industry. Tech? It’s produced one of the worst presidents in the history of America.

Say this for Tech, though. At least it’s located near The Varsity.

What’ll ya have?

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg 

Ten post-heartbreak thoughts

1. No way around it. This one stings. It hurts. I’d rather lose by two scores than to lose like that. 

2. Incredibly proud of this team. It won’t get the result it hoped for in August, but it’s fight makes it one of the more exciting and stressful ones for cheer for. 

3. We’re really going to miss Aaron Murray.

4. I turned to my wife before the pass and said, ‘I feel bad about this distance on fourth down.’ I hate being right.

5. Can this season be summed up more than on that pass? A fluke play that happens due to fundamentally bad defensive technique and just happens to deflect the ball right into the hands of a receiver just standing there. 

6. Gurley was a non-factor in the third quarter, but that was forced by being down by multiple scores. When the game was closer, you saw what gameplan Bobo wanted to do from the start.

7. I feel sorry for Georgia fans near Wilcox County having to fight against revisionist history that Nick Marshall ‘transferred’ or made a small mistake.

8. With the way Georgia’s season has gone, I am shocked Murray wasn’t concussed on the touchdown.

9. Let’s pack Sanford and send these seniors off with a bang. 

10. I’m not sure Larry would have made it through this game. 

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg

Why I Feel Strangely Good About Saturday

If you ask all the pundits, Saturday’s game is a mere formality for Auburn on its way to a gargantuan matchup in the Iron Bowl. 

Hopefully, Georgia’s coaching staff is using that talk as bulletin board material, I’d be surprised if they aren’t, frankly.

It’s baffling for Georgia to be counted out against Auburn. I feel strangely good about Saturday, which is somewhat unusual as many of us Georgia fans tend to be filled with Munsonesque pessimism before big games.

Here’s why I like our chances.

1. Auburn is on a strong run of momentum but has played nobody of substance. It’s biggest win was over Texas A&M in a game that Manziel was banged up. And is it even fair to claim a win over TAMU with its defense that’s shades of Kevin Ramsey bad?

2. While Auburn has run the ball a lot and done it well, Georgia has also been good against the run. Georgia’s defense has looked spotty against the pass, but its strong suit has been rushing defense.

3. Another week of health for Todd Gurley. He may not be what he was before LSU, but a stronger Todd Gurley than last week is a tremendous asset for Georgia.

4. Sure it was against App State, but the offensive momentum at WR from guys like Rumph is huge going into Auburn.

5. It’s in Auburn. For whatever reason, the away team holds an edge in this series. 

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg


Five quick post-game thoughts

1. There is absolutely no such thing as an ugly win or a win not to be happy about against Florida, especially if you lived through the hell of earth that was the 1990s.

2. Todd Gurley might have to sit out the first half next week against App State. Honestly, he needs to anyway. He needs rest in a bad way. We saw how spectacular he can be in the first quarter and also that he was a shell of that when depleted as he was in the third quarter.

3. Georgia let Florida back in the game, but I wasn’t too shocked. This was a talented team with injuries, much like Georgia. They came into the WLOCP ticked off, and when you face an angry team in a rivalry game, they won’t roll over easy.

4. Speaking of rivalry…the SEC officials put on a clinic of how not to control a game. Some of the foolish pundits will point to a lack of discipline by Georgia and try to pin it on Richt, but when Florida is allowed to jaw at Georgia from the opening kickoff, how do you think thing’s are going to escalate, especially with two teams that dislike each other?

5. Five years ago, Georgia loses this game. It’s composure looked shifty at times in the second half, but it found that extra gear when it needed on both sides of the ball.

Go Dawgs!

Oh, and breaking news…. You can’t spell Muschamp’s first name without theee L’s to Georgia.

Lugnut Dawg

Looking Back at 1985

Although we tend to focus more on wins over Florida in the CMR era as well as the Belue to Scott play, the 1985 win was a pretty big one to. Although Florida was on probation, it still was gunning for an unbeaten season and share of the national title.
The Dawgs changed that at the WLOCP.

What The Yahoo Story really means…

In the very unlikely chance you missed this, Yahoo! Sports is reporting that five SEC players, including D.J. Fluker received illegal benefits. The biggest headscratcher? Tyler Bray also allegedly got a payout. Talk about a lack of return on investment.

Now, one thought is that if Alabama has to forfeit games from 2011 and 2012, that means that Georgia could theoretically claim itself as SEC or National Champions from 2012. The key word is could, because after the fact championships are totally a USCe, Alabama or Florida thing. 

The biggest story here, though is not that players may have gotten benefits. There’s no doubt that to be a good program today in college football, you have to work in the gray area, and the more you are in the gray, odds are you will cross that line. 

But this is not  the first time we have heard allegations about top programs. The NCAA could not pin anything on Auburn during ScamGate and Florida more or less gave preferential legal representation to players, among other things. 

This kind of stuff goes on. There is no denying that. It does say, however, that this stuff is very rampant, and that the NCAA is powerless to stop it from going on. That is, of course, unless it wants to make an example out of someone, a la SMU.

Lugnut Dawg


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