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Rural South Georgia Recruiting

This morning I had breakfast with the Superintendent of schools in Wilcox County. As usual, things turned to sports, and we began discussing the circus that has been surrounding Nick Marshall. If you’ve ever been through Wilcox County, you would understand that nothing this exciting has happened since they crowned the Georgia Watermelon Queen back in 2006.

I say this to give you a glimpse at what it is like to be a small town kid being recruited by the “big boys” of college football. Last week, Paul Johnson was in Rochelle. He told Nick that he would get him a Heisman. We’ve paraded several members of our coaching staff to this rural South Georgia town over the past few months. So has FSU.

This kid is being offered the moon to come play football (and basketball). Rochelle, Georgia has one restaurant, a Subway, since Nell’s Fried Chicken closed down a few months ago. Life’s just different in little towns like Rochelle, and things are moving faster for the Marshall family than ever imagined.

Wilcox County sent a kid to play football for Nebraska two years ago. He’s now the starting CB. He still has to have his former defensive coach pick him up at the airport, make plane reservations, etc. That’s not something that he or his family know how to do. It is so much different than the life of a prize recruit within the 285 perimeter. A lot of these kids don’t have parents with any type of knowledge about this process. Many have never even set foot on a college campus. A lot of the coaches don’t even have the experience. So it’s tough for a 17-18 year old kid to make a decision of this magnitude. Just another one of the reasons UGA is so lucky is that we have a man like CMR helping to father these kids and help them with the decision making process. There are just a lot of unknowns.

The conversation was interesting this morning, and I really enjoyed the insight given to this particular situation. For a lot of these kids, this is by far the biggest and toughest decision they’ve ever made.

To wrap this up, if you’re in the mid-state this Friday evening, Wilcox County will be playing Hawkinsville in basketball- in Hawkinsville. Coaches Richt, Bobo, and McClendon will be in attendance. I’m sure some others will be too. This kid is as good on the hardwood as he is on grass. It would probably be worth the trip over. I hear there are a few good bbq restaurants in town.


UPDATE: Per request, I’ve been asked to give some info on Nick Marshall. Nick is listed as a 2-sport athlete (fb,bb) but I think he also plays baseball and runs track. Athletic QB, very mobile but likes to throw it. 6`2, 186. Junior in high school, rated 3 star by scout. May be better at b-ball than football. FSU has already said he can play both. May get the same offer from UGA (like we did with Fred until he realized that football was his sport.) On that, I have 2 thoughts. 1) I’m a firm believer that kids who play multiple sports (i.e. football and baseball or football and basketball, etc.) in high school are better recruits than those who focus on one sport year round as you see often times in baseball. 2) With the rigors of collegiate athletics and scholastics, I think it is very tough to play 2 sports. Some kids do it and excel, but it is really tough. My advice is to find the sport you want to go pro in and focus once you get to college. But if a kid wants to play 2 sports at the collegiate level, then all my blessings to him.

Charlie Daniels Has Mild Stroke

Charile Daniels had a mild stroke while snow mobiling in Colorado.  It’s impressive that CD, 73, with his robust figure and presumably rough lifestyle in his younger days, is still going at it. 

It doesn’t appear too serious, and he is not expected to miss any scheduled shows.  Let’s hope he gets well soon!

To send some good vibes his way, here is his best song at the Opry:

This Is Why Kirby Is Taking So Long

As rumor and inuendo is swirling around the blogosphere today, I have an EXCLUSIVE insider source as to why this is taking so long.

If you are reading this humble blog, you already know that a plane leaving Ben Epps Airport in Athens landed at Tuscaloosa Regional this morning at approx. 8:28 CST. 

One would surmise that Mark Richt has gone to tell Kirby it is time to come home. 

Kirby decided he couldn’t make the decision on an empty stomach.  So he decided that, after hearing Coach Richt’s best pitch (Please please please please please pretty please please pretty please with Sugar and 800k/year for 3-4 years on top?), he wanted some lunch. 

Kirby and Richt were seen entering Full Moon Bar-B-Q.  After a plate full of ribs, Kirby decided that if this is his last time as a friend in Tuscaloosa, then he wanted dessert. 

Coach Richt, although not wanting to spend the extra $0.55 for one Half-Moon Cookie (logic being, “We are already devoting $2.4 million to this guy, he can buy his own dadgum cookie.” ), decided not to be risky here. 

Kirby wanted a full dozen of these delicous, world famous cookies.

C is for cookie…and cash. 

Upon eating eight out of the dozen of cookies purchased, combined with sweet tea and the ribs, Kirby decided it was time to take a nap and not make his final decision on a full stomach.   

So that is where we are at this point…Kirby is snoozing RIGHT NOW on a belly full of tea, cookies and pork.  Richt is watching the As the World Turns from the plane. 

 Like Sand Through the Hour Glass…

Stay tuned, Dawgnation.  The alarm should be going off soon. 


Go Dawgs!

Tech and Bowls

I ventured over to Dawgsports last week to read T. Kyle King’s review of UGA’s victory. After a victory, I enjoy reading his “Mark Richt Victory Watch” columns.  Averaging 10 wins a season, 3 Sugar Bowls and 2 SEC Championships is a heck of a resume that only a few present day coaches can equal or top.  Why anyone would think he is on a hot seat or unworthy to lead this program in the right direction as he has this past decade is beyond me.  That is not the point of this post; that is for another day.

I like to read the comments on Dawgsports; they are usually very intelligent and civil.  I saw a link the SB Nation Georgia Tech site.  The Avatar loving author of the post took great delight in the fact were 1)Playing in the Independence Bowl 2) Going to lose the Independence Bowl and 3) our mascot was dead. 

We went into how we fell about the Nerds from North Avenue and how they disrespected Uga VII. 

In this decade, UGA has more often than not been preparing for upper level bowls or bowls on January 1st.  Tech, not so much.  Their Orange Bowl berth is their first ever BCS berth, and their first appearance in one of the “top 4” bowls since 1956 (Sugar).

We know UGA’s bowl history.  We are 8-2 this decade with 3 Sugar Bowl appearances and 2 Citrus/Capital One Bowl berths.  In our lower tier bowls, we still have played legitimate competition from BCS conferences (Virginia Tech, Boston College, Wisconsin, Virginia). 

Georgia Tech’s bowl representation has not been as stellar.  Their record so far this decade is 3-6, including losing the last 4 bowl games in a row.  It is not like they are even playing in good bowls or against good opponents.  The Yellow Jackets have two losses to Fresno State this decade in post season play (I thought we were tired of playing Big 10 teams in Florida bowls.  You could be like Tech and be tired of playing WAC teams out west.  They still can’t beat the Bulldogs-the ones from the West Coast!).

Year Bowl Opponent Result
2000 Peach (CFA) LSU L
2001 Seattle Stanford W
2002 Silicon Valley Fresno State L
2003 Humanitarian Tulsa W
2004 Champs  Sports Syracuse W
2005 Emerald Utah L
2006 Gator WVU L
2007 Humanitarian Fresno State L
2008 Chik-Fil-A LSU L
2009 Orange Iowa TBA


 The Independence Bowl against Texas A&M was the worst bowl game against the worst opponent this decade (the Oahu Bowl was at least in Hawaii!).  However, UGA fans and blogs have not made excuses for it.  Even though a case could be made that UGA should have played in the Music City Bowl, the bottom line is that if we had taken care of business against Kentucky we wouldn’t have been playing in a crappy bowl.

Georgia Tech: congratulations on your first elite bowl in 53 years.  I think Tech will run all over Iowa tomorrow night, and their bowl record will 4-6 for the decade and you will finally have a win over a ranked BCS conference opponent in postseason play. 

Go Dawgs!


Mike Leach Tribute

We here at TGT are big fans of the Good Doctor, Mike Leach.  He got jobbed by Texas Tech.  This “controversy” popped up at the right time, as I feel they were just looking for an excuse to get rid of him.  He is the school’s winningest coach (and has beat Oklahoma 2 out of 3 years!)  The Senator put it best when it comes to the new found morality of the university administration. 

But regardless of how you feel about this situation, you can agree that Mike Leach was one entertaining character.  To close out 2009 with all the other “Best Of” List, we present to you the Best of Mike Leach.

I wonder if Adam James had a fat little girlfriend also…

How ’bout Them Apples!

To all the cocky Nerds and to all the ungrateful UGA fans:


Fight: These Dawgs Have It

Auburn Scoreboard

Thanks to Andy Harrison for the photo

There were multiple times on Saturday night when Georgia could have easily given or imploded. Considering the number of blowout losses this program has seen during the past couple of years, it wouldn’t be too surprising or unexpected.

First, the game started with shades of this year’s loss to Florida with the defense giving up two quick scoring drives.  After that, A.J. Green, at times the only thing this year’s bunch of Bulldogs has had going for it offensively, left the game with an injury. Then you had Georgia’s kickoff coverage give up a 99-yard kickoff return that appeared to stunt Georgia’s second-half momentum. And finally, there was the injury to Baccari Rambo on Auburn’s final drive.

Yes, Georgia had more than enough chances to quit, to give up. But the Bulldogs didn’t. Instead of panicking, they adjusted. Georgia’s defense, after such a rough start, gave up just three points the rest of the way. And although Auburn did move the ball to a degree later in the game, Georgia’s defense didn’t break. No A.J. Green? No problem thanks to big plays by the likes of Israel Troupe and Tavarres King. After the kickoff return that tied the score, Georgia responded nicely, forcing Auburn quarterback Chris Todd’s second interception of the game that set up a touchdown.

…..committing few penalties and winning the turnover margin helps, doesn’t it?

And finally, after Baccari Rambo was carted off the field, Georgia’s defense did what the Bulldog Nation expects – they finished the drill.

Georgia may have started rough, but the Bulldogs sure as heck turned things around after that.

Now, as the Bulldogs move toward Kentucky, they will likely be without the services of Green and Rambo against the Wildcats. But that adversity shouldn’t be a problem for the Dawgs. For they showed, time and time again against Auburn that they are unfazed by adversity.

-Lugnut Dawg

Oh, the Irony

PWD announced that UGA-Kentucky will be another night game on ESPN or the Deuce.  For those of you keeping score, that will be the 4th night game in Sanford Stadium this season.  Only the LSU game (CBS) and Tennessee Tech (PPV) were played during the daylight hours. 

In a year which UGA is having its worst season since 1996, and worst in the Richt era, our Dawgs are still getting to play in prime time.  We couldn’t get this many night games during the golden years. 


Go Dawgs!



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