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The positive of all these injuries?

Let’s get right to it. The injuries that this team have suffered have been crippling to any hopes this team had of a MNC. Take them away and this team has a good shot to beat Clemson and does not lose to either Mizzou or Vandy.

But the injuries have happened, making the offense a shell of itself, a bad combo with Grantham’s sieve of a defensive unit.

But in the middle of all of that, there’s a silver lining, oddly enough.

As unfortunate as it is, it has taken the last few games for it be glaringly obvious that this team has issues that were shielded by tremendous plays by guys like Jarvis Jones. Now that talents like that are gone, it’s becoming more and more clear that this team has serious things to fix, especially defensively.

The good news of all that is that Richt essentially has a mulligan. Did the defense fall flat this year so far? Yes. But thanks to the injuries, there is something to pin those setbacks on.

Georgia, thanks to injuries basically has a throwaway year. It may not have met expectations so far, but now those shortcomings open the door wide open to reevaluate everything under the cover of injuries.

Without injuries, this season would be a dumpster fire. But due to them, it’s chalked up, so far, as one where unreal adversity threw this team off course.

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The most important game of Richt’s career?

Mark Richt’s career at Georgia has been nothing short of successful. And with that success, which has included multiple SEC title and SEC title game appearances, have come critical games – the 2001 Tennessee game, 2002 Auburn, 2007 Auburn and last year’s Florida game come to mind. 

But today, I would argue may be the most important game of Richt’s time at Georgia. The win over Auburn in 2002 got Georgia over the hump and to Atlanta, and the win over Arkansas capped off the formality of an SEC title. The two-game Florida to Auburn stretch put Georgia into the national title conversation in 2007, and the last two Florida games got Georgia to Atlanta.

But those two Florida games got Georgia back up to the upper crust of the conference. Today may very well determine the future course of this program. Was last year’s title run a flash in pan or not? The bottom line is that if Georgia loses today, any hopes of a SEC East title are very very much done more than likely. 

If Georgia wins, it is still an elite SEC contender. If not, this program will be defined as a team whose success was helped largely by a weak conference schedule the last two seasons. If it wins today, on the other hand, this program will be firmly supplanted at the top of the SEC.

Top of the line program or mid-pack. That identity will be carved out later today.

Go Dawgs and Eat More Chicken!

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Last Look Back

Saturday night was tough. Fun, but tough. Clemson is a very good team that has a legitimate chance to play for a MNC. It kind of feels like one of those times (they happen often it seems) where UGA is going to say at the end of the year that the only team that kept them out of the MNC game is the team that won it all. Not saying Clemson is going to win it all, but they’ve got a great opportunity to play for it.

That said, I have a few closing remarks before we look ahead to SC.
1- Per usual, most of the hate I’m hearing is geared towards Aaron Murray, Mike Bobo, CMR and the offense. People, I understand that it is difficult to watch a draw from the shotgun and other questionable play calling, but UGA still scored 35 points vs. an ACC team. Don’t you think an SEC team should beat an ACC team when the SEC team scores 35 points? Don’t you think an SEC team should be most anybody in the country when they score 35 points? Very few people are talking about CTG’s front 7 that were dominated all night long. Our secondary (everyone’s main concern) actually played pretty decent against one of the best QB/WR combos in the country. We got gashed up front. It was bad. That is the main reason we lost. Not because Mike Bobo can’t call plays, and not because Aaron Murray can’t win big games. We got beat because our defense, an SEC defense playing an ACC team, gave up huge chunks of yardage all night long, and ultimately, 38 points. You give up 38 points and you deserve to lose. Sorry, I know it’s easy to hate on Aaron Murray and Mike Bobo, but if you do I think you’re wrong. Why do we let CTG and his defense off the hook so easily? Something I’ll never understand.
2- It’s not over. We have a lot of football left. We need to win on Saturday. Then we need to get ready for North Texas and LSU and win both of those games. Leave September 3-1 and we’re in good shape. Leave Jacksonville with only 1 loss and you’re looking at a possible SEC Championship game. Win that and let the pieces fall where they may. UGA is a good team this year. We have a long way to go. The sky isn’t falling just yet.

I know in today’s world of instant access and constant communication that we all have more avenues to vent today than ever before. Every time the Dawgs lose a game it seems as if life’s going to end. Trust me, it’s not. It’s still great to be a Georgia Bulldog. Always has been, always will be. Shake it off and gear up for a HUGE matchup this weekend. And as always, Go Dawgs!

Slower pace? It could be a good thing against Clemson

The rock petters love to talk all about their offense running somewhere around 90 or so offensive plays a game. Of course, they didn’t rack up chunks of yardage or points against LSU or South Carolina, but don’t stop the gang from Clemson from pushing their narrative forward.

Clemson, without question has some very talented playmakers. But Georgia’s best chance to beat the Tigers may come by doing something that goes against the conventional wisdom seen from Mike Bobo’s offense last year.

As exciting as quick three-play offensive scoring drivers are, they’re one of the last things Georgia needs to do against Clemson. In years past, that was easier said that done for Georgia. It simply didn’t have durability of reliability in the offensive backfield.

The tandem formerly known as “Gurshall” has changed that. For the first time in a while, Bobo has a pair of running backs, and maybe more, to turn to and there’s minimal, if any dropoff when one comes out of the game for a breather. 

Georgia has weapons in its arsenal to grind things out, eat clock and control the game and keep the Tigers offensive weapons on the sidelines.

Last fall, this team showed off its inner toughness on a humid night in Missouri. Chances are that it’ll have to dig deep again on Saturday night of Labor Day Weekend, and it’ll likely come in the trenches.

Go Dawgs!

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Grantham’s most critical season?

Without question, a lot of the credit for getting the Georgia football program out of the muddy, defensive sludge it was in belongs to Todd Grantham. 

But this year, we’ll find out how good of a defensive Grantham really is. Last year, the question was about how well Mike Bobo could get young offensive talent to gel. This year, the same impetus is on Grantham.

In 2010, Grantham’s first year in Athens, there was the expected transitional pains.

In 2011, his defensive charges learned the 3-4 system and those results showed on the field in a big day. It was probably the best defensive campaign overall.

In 2012, the defense was good at times, but had lapses as well. The potential was always there to be dominant, but in some instances it was puzzling how a defense could have problems slowing down teams like Florida Atlantic could also shut down the Floridas of the college football world. 

Now, there is this year. There’s no star power. This bunch is young, but has potential. Getting that potential translated to the field of play? That’s where Grantham comes in.

It’s one thing to inherit talent and build it up. Now, Grantham is working with a group that is fully his – he targeted these players, recruited them and now they are in Athens. 

In the next four months, we’ll find out not only how good of evaluator of talent Grantham is, but how well he can coach his players up. 

Go Dawgs!

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Richt breaking down pass concepts

Smart football had a great post two weeks ago where Coach Richt breaks down one of Georgia’s simple but efficiently used passing concepts, the shallow cross, at a coaching clinic.  Since July is long, slow and dead I think this is a great time of the year to review basic formations and study up a little before the season starts and you can’t find a better place to do that than Smart Football.  First, take a look at CMR’s breakdown of the play and then scan through the second video of game and scrimmage footage of the shallow cross in action.  I’ve always thought of this play as a dink and dunk pass play that just keeps the chains moving and keeps the defense honest.  Kinda like the passing version of three yards and a cloud of dust.  But to hear CMR break it down really bring out the small details the QB goes through.  Seriously, if you have time to kill by reading The Grit Tree, do yourself a favor and check out the video below.




How to lose friends and alienate people

You know, you just can’t fix stupid, and the head Hawg, Bret Bielema has a pretty bad case of it.

Look, I know when you come from the biggest joke of a BCS Conference you’re not used to how things work in the nation’s premiere football conference, but to insinuate that the SEC is only held in high regard due to one team is, just…not smart. 

Via Clay Travis 

Teams in the SEC West have to certainly be licking their chops right about now.

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