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Slower pace? It could be a good thing against Clemson

The rock petters love to talk all about their offense running somewhere around 90 or so offensive plays a game. Of course, they didn’t rack up chunks of yardage or points against LSU or South Carolina, but don’t stop the gang from Clemson from pushing their narrative forward.

Clemson, without question has some very talented playmakers. But Georgia’s best chance to beat the Tigers may come by doing something that goes against the conventional wisdom seen from Mike Bobo’s offense last year.

As exciting as quick three-play offensive scoring drivers are, they’re one of the last things Georgia needs to do against Clemson. In years past, that was easier said that done for Georgia. It simply didn’t have durability of reliability in the offensive backfield.

The tandem formerly known as “Gurshall” has changed that. For the first time in a while, Bobo has a pair of running backs, and maybe more, to turn to and there’s minimal, if any dropoff when one comes out of the game for a breather. 

Georgia has weapons in its arsenal to grind things out, eat clock and control the game and keep the Tigers offensive weapons on the sidelines.

Last fall, this team showed off its inner toughness on a humid night in Missouri. Chances are that it’ll have to dig deep again on Saturday night of Labor Day Weekend, and it’ll likely come in the trenches.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg

Grantham’s most critical season?

Without question, a lot of the credit for getting the Georgia football program out of the muddy, defensive sludge it was in belongs to Todd Grantham. 

But this year, we’ll find out how good of a defensive Grantham really is. Last year, the question was about how well Mike Bobo could get young offensive talent to gel. This year, the same impetus is on Grantham.

In 2010, Grantham’s first year in Athens, there was the expected transitional pains.

In 2011, his defensive charges learned the 3-4 system and those results showed on the field in a big day. It was probably the best defensive campaign overall.

In 2012, the defense was good at times, but had lapses as well. The potential was always there to be dominant, but in some instances it was puzzling how a defense could have problems slowing down teams like Florida Atlantic could also shut down the Floridas of the college football world. 

Now, there is this year. There’s no star power. This bunch is young, but has potential. Getting that potential translated to the field of play? That’s where Grantham comes in.

It’s one thing to inherit talent and build it up. Now, Grantham is working with a group that is fully his – he targeted these players, recruited them and now they are in Athens. 

In the next four months, we’ll find out not only how good of evaluator of talent Grantham is, but how well he can coach his players up. 

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg

Richt breaking down pass concepts

Smart football had a great post two weeks ago where Coach Richt breaks down one of Georgia’s simple but efficiently used passing concepts, the shallow cross, at a coaching clinic.  Since July is long, slow and dead I think this is a great time of the year to review basic formations and study up a little before the season starts and you can’t find a better place to do that than Smart Football.  First, take a look at CMR’s breakdown of the play and then scan through the second video of game and scrimmage footage of the shallow cross in action.  I’ve always thought of this play as a dink and dunk pass play that just keeps the chains moving and keeps the defense honest.  Kinda like the passing version of three yards and a cloud of dust.  But to hear CMR break it down really bring out the small details the QB goes through.  Seriously, if you have time to kill by reading The Grit Tree, do yourself a favor and check out the video below.




How to lose friends and alienate people

You know, you just can’t fix stupid, and the head Hawg, Bret Bielema has a pretty bad case of it.

Look, I know when you come from the biggest joke of a BCS Conference you’re not used to how things work in the nation’s premiere football conference, but to insinuate that the SEC is only held in high regard due to one team is, just…not smart. 

Via Clay Travis 

Teams in the SEC West have to certainly be licking their chops right about now.

Lugnut Dawg

Ok, finally that’s over…

Thankfully, Grantham-watch has come to an end, at least for now. 

Todd Grantham will be remaining at Georgia, turning down the offer to be the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, keeping Sean Payton from being one of the most hated men in the state of Georgia.

I mean, can you imagine if Grantham had been lured to NOLA? Payton is already one of the most disliked individuals in the NFL if you are a Falcons fan. Imagine if the same guy had come into Georgia and poached the second-most popular assistant coach in UGA history (maybe) since Erk.

It does not matter much if Grantham’s flirtation with the NFL hurt of help late recruiting. Honestly, Montravius Adams was headed to Auburn once Rodney Garner left, but the trade-off was getting Bellamy – so it’s pretty much a wash-out as far as that goes.

Regardless – Todd Granthem will be back as defensive coordinator. But odds are that NFL overtures may come again. If there is a silver lining, it is that Georgia can come up with a plan to better orchestrate Grantham’s exit and groom a replacement if he opts to head to the NFL in the future. 

In other words, not grace the Bulldog Nation with CWM, the Sequel.



Now THIS is one thing all UGA and Georgia Southern fans can unite behind…

One of the best things about college football in our part of the world? All the common threads between so many schools.

Between Georgia and Georgia Southern, it’s that each program shares the same beloved figure: Erk Russell. This Saturday in Athens may be a record for the highest per capita shirts with GATA on them.

One thing all fans Saturday can agree on? That it’s a massive travesty that Erk Russell is not in the College Football Hall of Fame. Look, the guy is still, in the minds of some Georgia fans, a bigger reason for the 1980 National Title than coach Dooley. And without Erk Russell, GSU never enjoys much success in football and as a result, its university as a whole does not grow as much as it has.

Wouldn’t it be great to have petitions at Sanford Stadium for each fan to sign? Think about it. 90,000 plus signatures on a petition!

With that in mind, here’s some wit and wisdom from Erk!

I think most golfers would just about swap their front-row seat in hell for 30 more yards off the tee.

We had a group of about eight boys in the Navy, all from the South — South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi. In the barracks we took the corner, drew a line, said, ‘No Yankees’ across this. We didn’t really mean it, but they thought we did.

As a young coach, I ran with the players. As a 55-year-old coach, I jogged with the players. As an old coach of 60, 64, 65, I had to start woggin’. A wog is a little bit faster than a walk, but slower than a jog.

The South, to me, is fried chicken and catfish caviar — that’s grits — and good-looking women.

The best way to win a game is not to lose it.

“That’s overworked. Heck, once you get a few scabs on the forehead, they’re bound to bleed some when popped open. I’ve quit that, anyway, because I’ve got to uphold the image of a head coach.”

We had a president that came to Georgia Southern and during one of our booster luncheons to kick off the football season — he’s the new president, his name was Nick Henry…. He got up before the group and said, ‘It’s so nice to be at a college that’s not on probation.’ He said, ‘I taught at Georgia, they were on probation. I went to Arizona State, they were on probation.’… I followed him with my remarks and I said, ‘Dr. Henry, you don’t have to worry about Georgia Southern cheating. Because it takes money to cheat, and we don’t have any money.’

Communication is the most important technique in teaching and in coaching, eyeball to eyeball, one on one: ‘This is what we want to accomplish, and this is the way we’re going to accomplish it.’ Not memos, not bulletin boards or announcements, one on one.

I had an opportunity (to play) at Alabama. I told them that that was what I always wanted to do and that I was coming, and when I got back home an Auburn coach was sitting on my front porch, and he said, ‘Come on, we’re going to Auburn.’ And I said, ‘I just got back from Alabama, I told them I was gonna go to school there and that’s what I want to do.’ And he said, ‘Well you’ve got to take a look at Auburn.’ So I said, ‘OK.’ We drove to Auburn, he put on a change of clothes, picked up his bag and we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and fished for two days. When we got back, I said, ‘I’ve always wanted to go to Auburn.’

Our recruiting budget at Georgia Southern was $200 our first year. I had just left Georgia, whose recruiting budget was a quarter of a million dollars. And as I drove down the Woodpecker Trail, trying to touch base with people in Claxton and Alma and Jesup and Ludowici, sometimes I wondered, “What have you done?’

In football, like in life, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get the job done. I’ve always believed that. Football is still football, it’s a game of tackling and blocking and competitive people. Every time I told a joke or told a story or pulled a stunt, there had to be a moral behind it.

You know, Matt, 25 years ago, we weren’t sure if Communism or soccer would conquer our country. Looks like soccer won.

I had a handmade card hanging in my locker at Georgia that said, ‘If I do, they will. If I don’t, they won’t.’

The 1980 season at Georgia, I came out of the dormitory where we ate our pregame meal. I looked down and there was a dime on the ground. I picked it up, put it in my left shoe. I was wearing saddle Oxfords, which I did all the time anyway, and we beat Clemson that day, maybe it was the second or third game of the season. I taped the dime in my shoe so I wouldn’t lose it, and made sure that I wore it throughout the season. We were 12-0 and won the national championship, and I’m sure the dime did it.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg



The Good, Bad and Ugly from Week 4

This was the first of several “big” weekends coming up. A few thoughts from around the SEC….

The Good

UGA- what can you really say? That’s how the number 5 ranked team in the nation is supposed to look.

South Carolina- SC offered up a beat-down of Mizzo. Good statement win for Cocky. October 6 looks pretty interesting right now. Can’t wait to find out who CBS picks this afternoon for their game.

Florida- The WLOCP could have a HUGE national impact if things shake out. Florida continues to look better. I know they only beat Kentucky, but they did it like we did against Vandy, how they’re supposed to.

Mississippi State- These Bulldogs are quietly playing good football right now.

The Bad

LSU. I thought LSU would win this one by 4 td’s. Instead, this was reminiscent of the 9-6 game a few years ago, only uglier. Still think LSU has talent, but that UF game looks alot tougher right now.

Mizzo- Really, they could fall into the next category, but while they’re pledging we’ll leave them here.

The Ugly

Arkansas- Dern. Rutgers? Really? The only question, as has been posed by many already, is where Petrino ends up next year. My money is on…..

Tennessee- My bet is that DD is lawyering in Georgia before UGA plays Tech. Or working on a contract with CBS. He does have the face and the personality. Either way is a win-win for him. Watch out for these guys next year with Petrino at the helm. I underestimated him it seems.



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