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How to lose friends and alienate people

You know, you just can’t fix stupid, and the head Hawg, Bret Bielema has a pretty bad case of it.

Look, I know when you come from the biggest joke of a BCS Conference you’re not used to how things work in the nation’s premiere football conference, but to insinuate that the SEC is only held in high regard due to one team is, just…not smart. 

Via Clay Travis 

Teams in the SEC West have to certainly be licking their chops right about now.

Lugnut Dawg

Ok, finally that’s over…

Thankfully, Grantham-watch has come to an end, at least for now. 

Todd Grantham will be remaining at Georgia, turning down the offer to be the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, keeping Sean Payton from being one of the most hated men in the state of Georgia.

I mean, can you imagine if Grantham had been lured to NOLA? Payton is already one of the most disliked individuals in the NFL if you are a Falcons fan. Imagine if the same guy had come into Georgia and poached the second-most popular assistant coach in UGA history (maybe) since Erk.

It does not matter much if Grantham’s flirtation with the NFL hurt of help late recruiting. Honestly, Montravius Adams was headed to Auburn once Rodney Garner left, but the trade-off was getting Bellamy – so it’s pretty much a wash-out as far as that goes.

Regardless – Todd Granthem will be back as defensive coordinator. But odds are that NFL overtures may come again. If there is a silver lining, it is that Georgia can come up with a plan to better orchestrate Grantham’s exit and groom a replacement if he opts to head to the NFL in the future. 

In other words, not grace the Bulldog Nation with CWM, the Sequel.



Now THIS is one thing all UGA and Georgia Southern fans can unite behind…

One of the best things about college football in our part of the world? All the common threads between so many schools.

Between Georgia and Georgia Southern, it’s that each program shares the same beloved figure: Erk Russell. This Saturday in Athens may be a record for the highest per capita shirts with GATA on them.

One thing all fans Saturday can agree on? That it’s a massive travesty that Erk Russell is not in the College Football Hall of Fame. Look, the guy is still, in the minds of some Georgia fans, a bigger reason for the 1980 National Title than coach Dooley. And without Erk Russell, GSU never enjoys much success in football and as a result, its university as a whole does not grow as much as it has.

Wouldn’t it be great to have petitions at Sanford Stadium for each fan to sign? Think about it. 90,000 plus signatures on a petition!

With that in mind, here’s some wit and wisdom from Erk!

I think most golfers would just about swap their front-row seat in hell for 30 more yards off the tee.

We had a group of about eight boys in the Navy, all from the South — South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi. In the barracks we took the corner, drew a line, said, ‘No Yankees’ across this. We didn’t really mean it, but they thought we did.

As a young coach, I ran with the players. As a 55-year-old coach, I jogged with the players. As an old coach of 60, 64, 65, I had to start woggin’. A wog is a little bit faster than a walk, but slower than a jog.

The South, to me, is fried chicken and catfish caviar — that’s grits — and good-looking women.

The best way to win a game is not to lose it.

“That’s overworked. Heck, once you get a few scabs on the forehead, they’re bound to bleed some when popped open. I’ve quit that, anyway, because I’ve got to uphold the image of a head coach.”

We had a president that came to Georgia Southern and during one of our booster luncheons to kick off the football season — he’s the new president, his name was Nick Henry…. He got up before the group and said, ‘It’s so nice to be at a college that’s not on probation.’ He said, ‘I taught at Georgia, they were on probation. I went to Arizona State, they were on probation.’… I followed him with my remarks and I said, ‘Dr. Henry, you don’t have to worry about Georgia Southern cheating. Because it takes money to cheat, and we don’t have any money.’

Communication is the most important technique in teaching and in coaching, eyeball to eyeball, one on one: ‘This is what we want to accomplish, and this is the way we’re going to accomplish it.’ Not memos, not bulletin boards or announcements, one on one.

I had an opportunity (to play) at Alabama. I told them that that was what I always wanted to do and that I was coming, and when I got back home an Auburn coach was sitting on my front porch, and he said, ‘Come on, we’re going to Auburn.’ And I said, ‘I just got back from Alabama, I told them I was gonna go to school there and that’s what I want to do.’ And he said, ‘Well you’ve got to take a look at Auburn.’ So I said, ‘OK.’ We drove to Auburn, he put on a change of clothes, picked up his bag and we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and fished for two days. When we got back, I said, ‘I’ve always wanted to go to Auburn.’

Our recruiting budget at Georgia Southern was $200 our first year. I had just left Georgia, whose recruiting budget was a quarter of a million dollars. And as I drove down the Woodpecker Trail, trying to touch base with people in Claxton and Alma and Jesup and Ludowici, sometimes I wondered, “What have you done?’

In football, like in life, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get the job done. I’ve always believed that. Football is still football, it’s a game of tackling and blocking and competitive people. Every time I told a joke or told a story or pulled a stunt, there had to be a moral behind it.

You know, Matt, 25 years ago, we weren’t sure if Communism or soccer would conquer our country. Looks like soccer won.

I had a handmade card hanging in my locker at Georgia that said, ‘If I do, they will. If I don’t, they won’t.’

The 1980 season at Georgia, I came out of the dormitory where we ate our pregame meal. I looked down and there was a dime on the ground. I picked it up, put it in my left shoe. I was wearing saddle Oxfords, which I did all the time anyway, and we beat Clemson that day, maybe it was the second or third game of the season. I taped the dime in my shoe so I wouldn’t lose it, and made sure that I wore it throughout the season. We were 12-0 and won the national championship, and I’m sure the dime did it.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg



The Good, Bad and Ugly from Week 4

This was the first of several “big” weekends coming up. A few thoughts from around the SEC….

The Good

UGA- what can you really say? That’s how the number 5 ranked team in the nation is supposed to look.

South Carolina- SC offered up a beat-down of Mizzo. Good statement win for Cocky. October 6 looks pretty interesting right now. Can’t wait to find out who CBS picks this afternoon for their game.

Florida- The WLOCP could have a HUGE national impact if things shake out. Florida continues to look better. I know they only beat Kentucky, but they did it like we did against Vandy, how they’re supposed to.

Mississippi State- These Bulldogs are quietly playing good football right now.

The Bad

LSU. I thought LSU would win this one by 4 td’s. Instead, this was reminiscent of the 9-6 game a few years ago, only uglier. Still think LSU has talent, but that UF game looks alot tougher right now.

Mizzo- Really, they could fall into the next category, but while they’re pledging we’ll leave them here.

The Ugly

Arkansas- Dern. Rutgers? Really? The only question, as has been posed by many already, is where Petrino ends up next year. My money is on…..

Tennessee- My bet is that DD is lawyering in Georgia before UGA plays Tech. Or working on a contract with CBS. He does have the face and the personality. Either way is a win-win for him. Watch out for these guys next year with Petrino at the helm. I underestimated him it seems.


James Frankin is a

terrible person, cheap coach, and the black Lane Kiffin.  And I feel for Lane Kiffin after typing that.  Thanks to the Senator for linking to an article in yesterdays Tennessean.  Here’s what Mr. Franklin has to say in regards to people calling his team dirty and making so called chop blocks.

“When you get into that discussion, it’s when you’re trying to hurt somebody,” Franklin said. “That’s what dirty is. Our kids are just trying to play real hard. They’re not trying to hurt anybody. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Nope, not trying to hurt anybody.

But getting an attitude and blaming others for your problem doesn’t end with Mr. Franklin.  His O-Line coach and players chime in on the situation.

Sophomore lineman Wesley Johnson said Vanderbilt is cut blocking — trying to take out a defender’s legs — about the same as last season.  “Every team in the country is taught to cut. “I think people have started to take notice because we’re playing a lot better. They’re looking for a reason to point out things we’ve done wrong. We’re not doing anything against the rules. We’re just playing aggressive. If (defenders) are chasing the ball and the whistle hasn’t blown, we’re going to block them. So no, we’re not dirty. Nobody has tried to injury anybody.”

Offensive line coach Herb Hand said the low hitting he teaches is also utilized by defenses to take on a block or to tackle the ball carrier.  “That’s part of the game,” Hand said. “The biggest part in doing it is proper hat placement and making sure you’re not hitting from behind. You can’t ever cut a guy when someone is already making contact with them. But if you want to learn about cut blocks, go watch Navy and Army play. They’re going to cut you, and that’s part of the game.”

So Josh Jelesky didn’t make a dirty hit from behind in the 4th quarter of the UT game, he just had his head in the wrong place…behind the UT lineman’s leg and twenty yards behind the play.

As for why Vanderbilt linemen are diving at opponents’ legs as opposed to doing more blocking from the waist up, left guard Ryan Seymour said it sends a message. “A cut block is just an intimidation factor,” Seymour said. “It’s one more time the defender has to stand up, so it’s making an opponent more tired. We’re going to keep doing what our coaches want us to do. But, obviously, we need to be smarter with our cut blocks away from the ball.

So while we watch Mr. Franklin visit high schools in a helicopter, charge after opposing players, pitch a hissy fit after games, and teach his players to dive for the knee remember he’s sending a message.  This isn’t your white collar and silver spoon Vandy, this is the new Vanderbilt and they deserve your respect.

Say Goodbye to the Sweater Vest

I just can’t foresee this ending well for Corbin’s favorite coach, Jim “Sweater Vest” Tressel. As the lies build up, the picture gets bleaker for The Ohio State University.

For the first time in years the most overrated team in America won’t open up as favorites to make the MNC game. I hate to find happiness in others misery, but I just can’t help myself.

Have a wonderful, pollinated weekend.


Pure Class

A message board poster just published the following story. The poster must be from Valdosta. I’ll just let the story speak for itself:

As some of you may have heard, the Valdosta Wildcats experienced a tragedy in the past few weeks. A senior football player, James Eunice, went missing, and drowned a couple weeks ago while duck hunting with a friend. After a 2 week search, his body was finally found and the funeral was held today. James was already accepted to UGA and was looking to walk-on to the football team after talking with Coach Richt during a Rome/Mitchell recruiting trip down here. He was never the most athletic player but had the most heart of any player on the field. He was a fine Christian young man, made straight A’s, and was very popular in school. Well at the funeral today the preacher called Jay Rome and Malcolm Mitchell up to the stage with a box in their hands. In the box was a letter that CMR wrote to the family. The end of the note said, “Oh yeah, James made the team.” The two pulled out an official player jersey with his #23 and name on the back.


Doing What Needs To Be Done

Welcome aboard, Ray Drew!

This was another HUGE pickup for the Dawgs today. If we’re able to wrap it up with Crowell on Wednesday, this could truly be a special class.

Richt and company are doing what they need to do- wrap up the in-state talent. We’ve literally sealed the borders this year and have a boatload of in-state recruits coming to Athens in the fall. The persistence and drive shown by the entire staff is good medicine to disgruntled fans. The new facilities these guys are stepping into are just icing on the cake.

There has been no shortage of complaints fired Mark Richt’s way in recent months, and rightfully so. 6-7 is simply unacceptable. However, a number of these recruits cite Richt as the reason they chose UGA.

I am unhappy with how the  past two seasons have ended, but I also want Richt to have a great year in 2011 and stay on the sidelines. He is the kind of face that, if winning, makes UGA a unique situation in college football. Quite frankly, if he gets UGA back to our winning ways, he is a huge reason why we can be a top 5 program . He’s a great face for the program, recruits and parents love him, and he doesn’t compromise the reputation our university has.

Fans, being the fickle people we are, don’t always see it that way. I’m guilty, you’re guilty, we’re all guilty. But if this “Dream Team” materializes and he’s around long enough to see it play out, many of these same Richt bashers will be singing a different tune. I just hope we do well enough in 2011 to see how this class does for him in 2012.

I have been upset at things, even to go so far as to say I wouldn’t mind if Richt were gone, but I think we can all agree that if Richt can get us back on track that there is no better man to lead our program.

Go Dawgs!


If I were CSS…

…I’d be doing the exact same thing. Going to a better program to get paid way too much money as an assistant coach, and realizing that in all likelihood I will be coaching in the MNC game in the next 5 years. Have fun Coach, you’re making the right personal call.

Now, that’s over with. Hopefully we can use this constructively from a UGA standpoint. I outlined some concerns with the O-line last week (ironic). One point I made was that we supposedly have talent and coaching, but something isn’t clicking. Great opportunity to plug an O-line coach in who can shape this talent that we have into a dominant line.

We’ll be fine with CSS leaving. Some are acting as if it’s the end of the world, but it’s frankly not that big an issue. We have way too much time on our hands if we as Bulldog Nation are fretting over the loss of an assistant coach. Frankly, I wish we were at a point where we are losing multiple assistant coaches a year, like Florida and Bama. That would mean we’re winning, and winning programs lose assistant coaches frequently. Unfortunately, nobody is really coming hard after any of our coaches outside of CSS.

It’s just one coach, happens all over America every year. We’ll be fine. I am sure that CMR will have someone hired within a week, and that will give us one more thing to blog about this offseason.


What Does Searels Leaving Mean?

At this point, unless something has gone down that I’m not familiar with, Stacy Searels is only “in talks” with Texas. Of course, it appears that this will probably happen.

So, what does it mean? I’m not really sure yet. Richt is already phoning recruits to tell them about this situation and is promising that we’ll have someone of similar philosophy and experience come in.

I don’t want Searels to leave Athens. I think  he is still a premiere OL coach and brings a great deal of leadership and experience to our staff. However, it could offer Richt a chance to do some re-structuring within the staff, something I feel is important.

Right now, Searels is OL Coach and Running Game coordinator. In my opinion, we have too many false titles on the coaching staff. You’ve got so many different coordinators that I have a hard time understanding where exactly the responsibilities lie.

This would be a great opportunity for Richt to say “Mike, you’re the Offensive Coordinator. You work with the entire offense and have jurisdiction over the quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, receivers, offensive line, etc. You’ve got these coaches to help with their areas of expertise, but the buck stops with you.” That would clear things up some, in my opinion, and let Richt (and us) find out if Bobo has what it takes to be a premiere OC and leader. No blurred lines, no mis-communication.

Bobo would answer to Richt, and the assistant offensive coaches answer to Bobo. Simple. None of this multiple-facet coordinator crap we’ve seen the past several years.

At this point, I think it would provide a simple leadership pattern where everyone knows their role as we try to rebuild and get back to the level we want to be.

Of course, if Searels would choose to stay, it would be all the better.



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