Five Things I Hope To See Saturday

1. Jay Rome going deep. This’ll really be his first time as a true No. 1 guy with Arthur Lynch out with an injury. Hopefully Georgia can stretch the field to guys like Rome, Rumph, Wooten and Davis and if anything, work on timing for next week.

2. Aaron Murray on the sidelines to start the fourth quarter. If he is, it’ll be the game is well in-hand. This team handling a lesser opponent would be a welcome departure from the norm of this season.

3. Defensive turnovers. This defense has looked good in spots the last two weeks. Turnovers would not only set an early tone, but also pave the way for momentum going into Auburn.

4. More fullbacks. Why not experiment this week and see what guys like Merritt Hall and Quayvon Hicks can do? Take some pressure off of Gurley and fine-tune the running game in case Gurley needs to be rested again down the road.

5. A packed stadium at kickoff. Yes, I know it’s an early start, but a Dawg can dream, can’t they?

Go Dawgs

Lugnut Dawg

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