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Bubba Watson and the Golf Boys

Just because its funny:


Ranking Mark Richt’s Best Seasons, 6-11

Here is my ranking of the best seasons Mark Richt has had at UGA.  Each season has its notable wins, damning losses, best moment, worst moment, and an reason why it was ranked where it is.  The bottom 6 are today, the top 5 are tomorrow.  Please share any comments or different opinions in the comment section. 

6.  2004

Wins:  10  Losses:  2  

Notable Wins:  LSU, Florida, Georgia Tech Damning Losses:  Tennessee

Best moment:  David Greene’s record setting day in the thumping of defending National Champion LSU

Worst Moment:  The 60 minute bed wetting the next week against Tennessee.

Why Ranked here:  You thought 2008 was disappointing?  I actually think that 2004 was as disappointing as 2008.  The Dawgs had:  David Green, Fred Gibson, Reggie Brown, David Pollack, Thomas Davis, and Odell Thurman.  Plus Broyles award winner Brian Van Gorder.  This team, after beating LSU, was in the driver’s seat to win the SEC East and contend for the BCS Championship.  However, the next week the Dawgs couldn’t beat a mediocre Tennessee team.  I put this team a little higher because Georgia did beat Florida and Georgia Tech.  A 10 win season and AP Top 10 finish is nothing to scoff at, but this season gets moved down the list. 

7.  2001

Wins:  8 Losses:  4

Notable Wins:  at Tennessee, Georgia Tech Damning Losses:  South Carolina, Boston College (Music City Bowl)

Best moment:  The infamous Hobnail Boot game on the road against highly ranked Tennessee.

Worst Moment:  Mark Richt’s late game clock management gaffe against Auburn. 

Why ranked here:   I had 2006 ranked ahead of 2001 initially, but the 2006 losses to Kentucky and Vanderbilt moved this one down.  Although the record wasn’t as good as some of the Donnan years, Richt’s first season showed the SEC that Georgia would now become a contender in the conference.  Richt’s stellar road record was shown early in the gutsy, come from behind win in Knoxville and this season gave Georgia fans reason for optimism.  It is low on the list because of the late game clock management gaffe by Richt against Auburn and the poor play versus South Carolina. 

8.  2006

Wins:  9  Losses:  4  

Notable Wins:  at Auburn, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech (Chick Fil A Bowl)  Damning Losses:  Vanderbilt, Kentucky

Best moment:  Matthew Stafford’s coming out party against Auburn. 

Worst Moment:  Closing seconds of the Vanderbilt game, when the Commodores beat Georgia by a field goal on Homecoming.

Why ranked here:  I think that 2006 was actually one of Coach Richt’s better coaching jobs.  For the first time in school history, Georgia  beat 3 teams ranked in the top 15 in consecutive games.  The game against Auburn this year was a thing of beauty.   Georgia even gave eventual National Chamption Florida all they could handle, and the only difference in that game was a Kregg Lumpkin fumble that was recovered for a TD.  However, the 50+ points that Tennessee hung on Georgia in Sanford and the losses to both Vanderbilt and Kentucky are really hard to swallow.  Those two games against the two northernmost schools in the SEC bumped this season down from a really good year to one of the worst.

9.  2008

Wins:  10  Losses:  3  

Notable Wins:  at LSU, Michigan State (Capital One Bowl)  Damning Losses:  Alabama, Florida, Georgia Tech

Best moment:  Darryl Gamble returning Jarrett Lee’s first pass for a TD en route to a thumping of LSU in Death Valley.

Worst Moment:  The 180 minutes that was the first half against Alabama, and the two second halves against Florida and Georgia Tech.

Why ranked here:  Georgia achieved 10 wins, and had pretty good season.  But Georgia had Knowshon Moreno, Matthew Stafford, A.J. Green and Kris Durham.  Georgia was Preseason #1 and should have been contending for a National Championship this year.  Those hopes were dashed in the first 30 minutes against Alabama and then after some hope was restored against LSU, Florida dominated the 2nd half.  This was a very disappointing season.

10.  2009

Wins:  Losses:  5

Notable Wins:  Auburn, Georgia Tech  Damning Losses:  at Oklahoma State, at Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida

Best moment:  When Bay Bay Thomas dropped a wide open pass, sealing the victory for Georgia to beat eventual ACC Champions Georgia Tech on their home field.  Caleb King and Washaun Ealey “running the state” was pretty good also.

Worst Moment:  When Tim Tebow broke Hershel Walker’s SEC Touchdown Record against Georgia in a the second consecutive blowout loss to Florida. 

Why ranked here:  The second worst season at Georgia in Mark Richt’s tenure.  This season would have looked a lot better if Georgia had, again, not had costly turnovers against Kentucky.  After a lackluster effort against Oklahoma State, the Dawgs were blown out by Tennessee and Florida.  A very mediocre season where the only good thing was coming from behind to beat an equally mediocre Auburn team and dominating the best Georgia Tech in recent years. 

11.  2010

Wins:  6  Losses:  7  

Notable Wins:  Tennessee  Damning Losses:  Central Florida (Liberty Bowl), at Mississippi State, Florida, at Colorado

Best moment:  The only real redeeming thing about 2010 was beating Lil’ Dooley convincingly in his first trip back to Athens.

Worst Moment:  Not scoring a Touchdown against Central Florida in the Liberty Bowl.

Why ranked here:  Georgia lost close games against Arkansas and Florida, and Georgia hanged in there and gave Auburn a good game.  But the Dawgs had costly turnovers against South Carolina, Colorado, and Mississippi State.  This was the first losing season Georgia had since 1996, so I think it is pretty obvious.

Corbindawg…tomorrow 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2011 are ranked 1-5….see wher they fall!

Georgia Sports Recap

Georgia Sports Recap

Many mornings I hear how the baseball team did the night before while listening to 960TheRef but if I miss it, it may be mid afternoon before I head over to the university site to check it out.  Not sure if anyone else does this same thing so I have been thinking about doing a previous day recap of UGA games for a while now and I’m going to give this a try for a few weeks.  If no one is checking in I’ll give it up during the summer.   Here we go

Friday April 6  (2-1-?)
Baseball beat Arkansas 4-2 with Alex Wood going a full 9 innings
Men’s Tennis beats Alabama 5-2
Women’s Tennis loses to Alabama 3-4
Track is at the Florida Relays.  Follow the link, I know nothing about track

Saturday April 7 (1-1-?)
Baseball loses to Arkansas 3-8
Gymnastics wins the NCAA Regional
Track still at Florida Relays

Sunday April 8 (4-1)
Baseball shut out by Arkansas 0-8
Mens Tennis beats Auburn 6-1
Womens Tennis beats Auburn 6-1
Bubba Watson wins the Masters
John Isner defeats frenchmen Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-3, 7-6, 5-7, 6-3 to send the US to their first Davis Cup semifinals since 2008
Thanks Brent

An Early Preview of Missouri

With all due respect to Buffalo, the first real test the Bulldogs will face in the very important 2012 season is the newest member of the SEC East, the Missouri Tigers.

Missouri and Coach Gary Pinkel have been an average Big 12 team over the last few years, and had a really good season with star QB Chase Daniel in 2007.  Prior to 2007, Missouri was chugging along in the 5-6 to 8-5 range.  In 2007, the Tigers went 12-2 and came real close to playing for the BCS title that year, only losing to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship Game.  In fact, both of Missouri’s two losses that season came to the Sooners. 

The following year, Missouri had another decent season, making a return trip to the Big 12 Championship game, and were again thrashed by Oklahoma.  The 2009 squad came back down to Earth a little.  In 2010, Missouri had a pretty year again, going 10-3.  The three losses were a 14 point defeat to Nebraska a week after upsetting top ranked Oklahoma, a 7 point loss to Texas Tech and 3 point loss to Iowa in the Bowl game. 

Last year Missouri again came back down and went 8-5.  The Tigers lost to Arizona State by 7 in OT, lost to the top ranked Sooners by 10, Kansas State by 7, #4 ranked Oklahoma State by 21, and to Baylor by 3.  The Tigers most notable win was against #16 Texas, but Texas was grossly overrated all season long. 

Known for their good QB play and spread offense, Missouri actually had a strong ground game in 2011.   Henry Josey rushed for 1168 yards on only 145 carries (8.1) and Quarterback James Franklin had nearly 1,000 yards himself, getting 981 on the ground to go along with his 2865 passing.  But Franklin did have 11 interceptions to go along with his 21 TD (almost a 2:1 ratio). 

But Senator Blutarsky made a post last week that showed that Quarterback James Franklin’s shoulder injury might be worse than originally thought and running back Josey will have to undergo a second knee operation.   Josey appears doubtful for all the 2012 season.  Though the back field may have some question marks, Missouri did sign Dorial Green-Beckham in February, and he appears poised to be the SEC’s next big thing at wide receiver (pun intended, he’s 6’6” and 220 lbs). 

Georgia’s secondary when the Dawgs roll into Columbia, MO to open the 2012 SEC schedule appears to be Branden Smith, Malcolm Mitchell, Shawn Williams and Corey Moore.  It would obviously look better if Rambo and Cummings were in the mix, but that is not going to be the case.  Stopping Green-Beckham will be a tall order (again, pun intended) for the depleted secondary.

But Missouri’s strength is running the ball.  That could change with Green-Beckham, but in 2011 Missouri ranked 9th in the nation and led the Big 12 with 243 ypg.  Georgia, on the other hand, was 11th in rush defense, giving up only 101 ypg on the ground.   

So while all the concern has been on the Secondary, the most important defensive units to stop Missouri it seems will be the front 7.  With Washington, Geathers, Jenkins, Robinson, Herrera and Jarvis Jones all returning, plus VHT Ray Drew’s new role as Defensive End and the plethora of young talent we have on the defensive side of the ball, Georgia should be quite capable of stopping the run.  

And everyone knows that your secondary is only as good as the pressure you can put on the QB (see: UGA in 2009). 

I won’t go as far as saying the concern of a depleted secondary is much ado about nothing; in fact, it really sucks that Rambo and Cummings will be out that game and the quality depth behind the aforementioned starterss is dental floss thin. 

And that doesn’t take into account the intangibles of this being Missouri’s first SEC game and it will probably be a night game on ESPN or ESPN 2.  But looking at what Missouri supposedly does well on offense, and what the Georgia defense is very good at doing, we match up better than originally feared with the depleted secondary. 


P.S. And if you were wondering, I got all the info from, I went to  If you look at what Georgia does well on offensive, passing, Missouri’s pass defense is not very good.  So there is that going for Georgia also.

A quick guide to the final round in Augusta

Weekend’s like this, it’s great to be a Georgian. It’s Masters and Easter Sunday – which makes it easy to forget the Braves’ disregard for run production..for now.

Heading into the final round, here is all you need to know about who has a shot at claiming a Green Jacket. A form Tech golfer, Matt Kuchar, is among them. Look, I’m sure he’s class all the way. But that matters not in this case.

The Enginerds are already annoying enough. Can you imagine how insufferable they’d be if one of their own won the world’s greatest golf tournament? They’d act as if they actually beat Georgia on the football field without running a gimmick offense or using ineligible players.

This isn’t Kuchar vs. the field…it’s good against evil. 

Go Dawgs – and Bubba Watson too!

Lugnut Dawg

Beware the short volleyball shorts…

Chris Vernon strikes again…

If you must ride a campus transit bus, at least enjoy yourself…

Some Free Advice to Athletic Directors Out There

Don’t hire anyone whose last name starts with “P”, ends in “O” and has a “T” in the middle.

Because if you do, scandal will come your way:

Joe Paterno:  Fired for covering up a sex scandal

Rick Pitino:  Publically embarrassed for having an affair in a resturant

Bobby Petrino:  Publically embarrassed for doing Lord knows what while riding a motorcycle with a hot 25 year old who you just hired and is engaged to another employee in the Athletic Department.  Probably coached his last game at Arkansas.


Are You Surprised?

News starting coming out yesterday afternoon that Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle accident on Sunday had some more, juicy layers.  It was reported that Jessica Dorrell, a recently hired employee for the football team and former student athlete, was riding along with Petrino.  Petrino has later admitted that he was having an inappropriate relationship with Ms. Dorrell. 

I think that everyone outside of Fayetteville, Arakansas is not surprised.  I know I am sure not. 

This is a guy who interviewed with Bobby Lowder and the Auburn AD behind his former head coach’s back; every year while at Louisiville, he interviewed for another job or threatened to leave to get a better contract; left the Falcons in the middle of the night and only left a two sentence note, then appeared all smiles and happy at his Arkansas press conference. 

He is a sleeze ball, snake in the grass, and everyone knows it.  And the most damning thing here is not his affiar with the 25 year old former University of Arkansas volley ball player (who is HOT).  It is, presumably, Petrino was banging this banging girl, then gave her a job.  The real question now is how long has this relationship last?  I am certain that Bobby Petrino has coached his last game at Arkansas, but if it comes out that he was volleying back and forth with Dorrell while she was a student, well then it has just become a whole other big bowl of wrong.

Here is what I don’t understand:  In the state of Arkansas, you have just had tremendous success.  People will know you.  You are a former NFL Coach.  The face ID has got to be pretty big.  The Razorbacks went to the Sugar Bowl in 2011 and finished #5 in the AP poll in 2012.  If you are going to have an affair with someone, why would a celebrity be riding around on in broad daylight with a tall, hot blonde?  Don’t you think Bobby Petrino riding a big Harley Davidson with a 25 year old blonde would stick out?  Like with Damon Evans:  if Damon wanted to have an affair with someone who may or may not have been a cross dresser, why not just call a private driver or stay at the hotel?  Why get in the car and drive your luxuary car while you:  a) are hammered and b)  have a “lady’s” pair of under drawers in your lap. 

Look, if you are going to do something stupid, at least be smart about it.

I hate this for the Petrino family; his wife and 4 kids don’t deserve this public ridicule.  But Bobby Petrino does.  Karma is a bitch.


How To Eat At Augusta National on a Budget

This CNN piece is an amusing walk thorugh of trying to eat cheaply at the Masters.  Pimento Cheese sandwich for $1.50-can’t beat that with a stick!




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