A Last Look at Arkansas

I wanted to go back and look at Arkansas’ losses in their current 14 game SEC losing streak.  Their last SEC victory came almost two years ago against Kentucky on October 13, 2012.  It was a 49-7 win.  Since then…


South Carolina, 38-20

Mississippi State, 45-14

LSU, 20-13


Texas A&M, 45-33

Florida, 30-20

South Carolina, 52-7

Alabama, 52-0

Auburn, 35-17

Ole Miss, 34-24

Mississippi State, 24-17 (OT)

LSU, 31-27


Auburn, 45-21

Texas A&M, 35-28 (OT)

Alabama, 14-13

Arkansas currently sits at 3-3 and 0-3 in the SEC.  They still have both Mississippi schools, Ole Miss, LSU and Missouri in SEC play and UAB in non-conference.

Realistically, if Arkansas wants to go bowling or show any improvement from their 4-8 and 3-9 seasons, this is a game they have to win.

2013 was a rough year, but I see a team that got better in Bret Bielema’s first year and they are playing better so far this season.  They hung with Auburn for a half, should have beaten A&M and gave Alabama fits.

One thing that gives me pause is Georgia’s rushing defense.  Yes, Georgia is 2nd in the SEC in run defense.  But the teams we have played haven’t really run the ball like Arkansas does, and most teams have been pass first teams.  This is opposite than what we have typically seen-UGA has not done well against the spread offenses and have had better success against the pro-style teams.  We have done well against the spread offenses this year; can we still do well against the pro-style teams?  We haven’t seen a team that is going to run the ball like Arkansas so we the jury is still out there.

But talking out of both sides of my mouth, I am not sure how good Arkansas running game truly is.  Yes, they run the ball for an average of 278 ypg, first in the SEC ahead of Georgia’s 275 ypg.  But their rushing numbers are inflated:

Auburn, 29 attempts, 153 yards

Nicholls St, 40 rushes, 495 yards

Texas Tech, 68 rushes, 438 yards

Northern Illinois, 45 rushes, 212 yards

Texas A&M, 47 rushes, 285 yards

Alabama, 39 rushes, 89 yards

Yes, they have gaudy stats, but a lot of it was inflated due to their competition.  By comparison, Georgia has been successful running the ball against everyone they have played, and Clemson and Missouri have really good defensive lines.

Teams comparable to talent to what Georgia has-Alabama and Auburn-have been able to slow down the Arkansas rushing attack.

So while I am not completely ready to buy in to Georgia’s rush defense ( think we’ll get a good idea tomorrow), I’m not sold 100% on Arkansas’ running game.  Basically, tomorrow afternoon something has gotta give.

This is going to be a tough game. This feeling was further enforced when I saw the line. Arkansas has been money this season going 5-1 ATS. So the 3 points Vegas is giving us doesn’t give me much confidence.

I think we will win because even without Gurley, UGA has better talent and better coaching.  But I hope Georgia fans don’t be like Alabama and cry foul for a close win.  Because this will be a close one.



What the UGA Athletic Department is Like

When you are driving in Atlanta and you get on the Connector, the speed limit is inexplicably 55 mph.  And as we all know, no one ever drives the posted speed.  Everyone goes 75 or 80.  But there is that one car that is going the speed limit and it pisses everyone else off.

Georgia is that one car.  Georgia is the plain white 2003 Toyota Camry.  An efficient and suitable car that gets good gas mileage, but isn’t too flashy.  Georgia is that Camry that is driving in the center lane on I-75 going the posted speed limit.  Sure, it may get to where it needs to go, albeit slower than everyone else and watching all the other cars pass you by.  Florida, FSU, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, etc. are going to go 80 and run the risk of getting a ticket, but they probably won’t.


If You Are Traveling To Little Rock

If you are going to Little Rock today, and are driving, you probably are already hitting the road.  Safe travels and cheer us on to victory.

When you are stopping to make a pit stop, and if you read this becuase I know you wouldn’t while you are driving, make sure and stop in Memphis for a meal or snack.  Gotta stop at the BBQ Shop in Memphis either on your way there or on your way there.

Uchee and I went there several years ago, and it was awesome.  Worth the stop for sure.  Some of the best ribs you’ll ever have.

Go Dawgs!


What you missed on Thursday afternoon

Now, Mason Is The Best Choice

Hutson Mason went 22/28 with 156 yards passing and 1 TD with 0 interceptions against Missouri. This was an outstanding performance for the embattled quarterback.   Throwing it nearly 30 times, while completing ~78% of passes and 0 picks is quite impressive.   He deserves kudos for a great performance.

I came out strong a couple of weeks ago against Mason. Once you come out that strong, it is hard to go back on it.   I’ve been wrong before, and I’m not afraid to say when I was wrong.  Matter of fact, I still stand firmly behind what I said.  I still believe, despite the excellent performance Saturday, that at some point over the course of the season your quarterback is going to have to stretch the field and win a game for you.  I still don’t think Mason can do that.

But something different has happened. With Todd Gurley out of the mix for an undetermined amount of time, Mason becomes the best option. With Gurley, Brice Ramsey could learn his way with the best player in America to help take the pressure off.   Without Gurley, Mason is needed to be the field general and game manager.

Basically, someone to be there who knows what the hell they are doing.

So while I still believe what I said a couple of weeks ago, and nothing Mason has done changed my mind, with the changing situation Mason is the currently the best option we have.

So far, so good.


Timing is everything

Sometimes, timing is everything.

Once the Gurley bombshell broke, one thing that immediately jumped out was that being on the road against Mizzou may have been the best thing for this team.

Halfway across the country, free of close friends and family and the buzz around campus, free of the fog of gameday on campus may have been just what this group needed. It enabled them to focus in and send the entire country a message, and it showed. The memo was laid out – if you think that this team will fold because its best player is sidelined by archaic NCAA rules, you have another thing coming.

And as if the day could not get better, we got to spend the rest of it watching Auburn, Tech and Florida lose. Icing on the cake!

Saturday was one of those moments, kind of like when Georgia hired Jeremy Pruitt, when you thought to yourself, “this is real? This is UGA football and not someone else?”

For whatever reason, it has been quite some time since Georgia dominated someone like it did in all phases of the game like it did Saturday that was a quality opponent. 2006 Auburn comes to mind.

Will this team click as well against Arkansas as it did on Saturday? Probably not. I’m already worried about stopping a run game that’s stronger than what Mizzou had.

But that’s a worry for another day.

For now, let’s enjoy this one.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg

Thoughts on Todd Gurley’s suspension

Frankly, I don’t want to talk about it.

Lugnut Dawg


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