Jeff Francoeur Pranked

My general disdain for former Braves right fielder Jeff Francoeur is well documented, so when I saw this video, I just laughed out loud.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen this video yet, it is must watch.


A few spring practice observations

1. As far as the most impressive spring so far, it’s J.J. Green is making a strong case. It’s too early, without question to pencil in anything as far as time on the field in the fall, but when a guy has pretty much been on offense since coming to Athens and leads the team in tackles during a scrimmage? That speaks volumes.

2. Brandon Kubanlow and Greg Pyke know that it’s ‘moving season,’ and it’s shown based on the info coming out of practice. The way things look now, I’d look for both to play extensively come August. This is their shot to make their move and show that they can contribute. If they can’t take full advantage, they could get bypassed.

3. To redshirt Keith Marshall or not? If he won’t be 100 percent it is a no-brainer. That said, I wouldn’t mind him being a ‘soft redshirt’ similar to Hutson Mason two years ago…redshirt him, but have him on emergency duty just in case Gurley gets banged up pretty good. There’s something to be said about experience, regardless of how talented these two studs at tailback coming in are.

4. ¬†Speaking of Mason, we’re seeing why Mason is a very solid No. 1 based on how Brice Ramsey, Jacob Park and Fauton Bauta have fared this spring. The fact is that there’s a level that Mason is at, and the other three QBs won’t get to that point. It’s easy to hit the panic button based on the Gator Bowl. But Mason also had to contend with a massively depleted offense around him, and pretty much no one on the Georgia sidelines was excited to be there, and it showed.

5. Jonathan Rumph is having a nice spring. But then again, we heard how great he looked in practice last year and it never translated to the field. Seeing how far along he is progressing is one of many reasons to look forward to G-Day.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg



Remembering Lewis Grizzard

A little late here, but Thursday of last weeek marked the 20th anniversary of the passing of Lewis Grizzard.

I wasn’t even 10 years old then, but have found a love and appreciation of Lewis Grizzard thanks to the internet and websites like Amazon and Ebay to order his books at a cheap price.

Here are two good links that reflect back on Grizzard’s contributions:

Gwinnett Daily Post: Twenty Years Later, fond memories of Lewis Grizzard Remain, by Darrell Huckaby

Rome News-Tribune:  Lewis Grizzard May Have Forgiven Me By Now, by Loran Smith

Lewis, may your legacy continue to live on.





Them Gatas Still Don’t Take No Jive

Them Gatas Still Don't Take No Jive

Emulating Mercer?

During the weekend, it was hard not to be happy to see Mercer’s upset of Duke, especially for those of us at TGT residing in Middle Georgia. Plus, who can’t enjoy Duke losing. It does not get much more American than that.

But there’s one thing about Mercer’s big win against Duke that sticks out, and it should rattle the cage of anyone with an interest in UGA basketball. Consider this excerpt from Seth Emerson on Friday.

In fact, Mercer is a model for what Fox hopes to have at Georgia very soon: A team built not on five-star recruits, but experience and chemistry. Georgia starts one senior, one junior and three sophomores this year.

“One of the goals we’ve had is to eventually have an older team. And when you have an older team and an experienced team it works to your advantage,” Fox said. “We’ve not really had that, because of early entries. We haven’t had a lot of that. But we’re getting closer. And hopefully next year we’ll have a stronger flavor of that experience.”

Let that sink in for a second. With all the resources that Georgia has, it is pretty much looking at the model of Mercer as a barometer.

At what point do the excuses run out for the basketball program in Athens as a whole? Having a down year in talent doesn’t hold water…these are the guys that Mark Fox recruited. Sure, the NIT is nice and all, but I’m sure you won’t find any team in America starting the season saying, ‘NIT or bust.’

I remember during a TV broadcast once that Dick Vitale recalled telling Jim Harrick that when he took the Georgia job that he’d never be in a better situation in terms of being able to compete. You have a loaded in the coffers athletic association and you are in the backyard of one of the biggest hotbeds of basketball talent. I’m not saying you should outrecruit Duke or Kentucky for players…for teams like Florida State and Georgia Tech should not beat you out time after time.

For a very long time, basketball at Georgia has been a side-deal. Being competitive and making an Big Dance ever so often was accepted, unfortunately.

Imagine for a moment if the UGA football program started averaging 8-win seasons with a bowl game every three years. Would that be acceptable.

This basketball program can be great. But it’ll only be as great as its fans and the UGA Athletic Association demands of it.

Go Dawgs!

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Bobo being taken for granted?

Let’s throw it out there. Mike Bobo is a massive lightning rod when it comes to the UGA football program. Mention his name and you’ll either have fans talk about how great he or how he needs to lose his job (which I still fail to understand, for what it’s worth).

Georgia, however, is running a high risk of neglecting Bobo. There was recent news that Bobo received a contract extension, but a pay raise was not included.

Look, I get the fact that the defensive staff has to be offered more to lure them in, and I have no issue with that. If Pruitt and Company produce, they are worth every penny.

But when you have a coach such as Mike Bobo, whose offense is the only reason that this team was a national title contender two years ago and made itself a factor for Atlanta again this year, you have to, as they say, “Pay the man.”

And then there is the fact that Georgia’s upswing in South Georgia recruiting has a lot to do with Bobo.

Bobo is a loyal guy to both Georgia and Mark Richt. But when you underappreciate someone long enough, the end result is that person making an easy decision to leave.

Let’s hope it never comes to that.

Go Dawgs!

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Scoreboard watching for the WLOCP is getting bigger

Scoreboard watching for the WLOCP is getting bigger

Look at it this way, it’ll be easier to see replays of Muschamp’s head exploding next fall in Jax.


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